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Adoption feeR550 INCLUDES
Microchipping + Deworming and vaccinations up to date of adoption + Sterilisation 

All adoptions subject to a home check. Unless otherwise indicated, our dogs are boarding at Uitsig ARC in Melkbos.

ADVICE on adopting, house training, integrating new pets, preparing for your new dog, and more!


 CHLOE Small – In private foster care, Durbanville

Chloe is friendly, outgoing, and intelligent. She would love an active home with older family members (no young children) and a nice secure property. She is not fond of cats and prefers to have a male dog friend OR to be an only child. 

Sex:  Female – Size: Small – Breed: Maltese-mix – Description: Fluffy black coat with a white blaze. – Born: +-2016 – Energy: Medium-High – Other dogs: Some – Children: Over 12s – Cats: No


 KATARA Large In private foster care, Bellville

Katara is a gorgeous sighthound mix with a happy face and quirky ears. She gets on very well with other dogs and loves attention. She is a peaceful, gentle dog. Quiet loves walks and sunbathing. She is housetrained and walks well on lead. 

Sex: Female – Size: Large (+- 25 – 28kg) – Breed: Sighthound mix  – Description: Blonde short-coated dog with a long muzzle and ‘hat’ ears – Born: 2016 – 2017 – Energy: Medium-High – Other dogs: Yes – Children: Over 8s – Cats: Unknown


 SCOOBY Medium-Large size

Scooby came from a good home and is house-trained (may need a refresher course), used to home life, and walks well on lead. He will be fine as an only dog but does get on with most dogs too. 

Sex: Male – Size: Medium-Large – Breed: Ridgeback-mix – Description:Tan smooth coat. Hat ears.- Born: 2016-2017 – Energy: Medium-High – Other dogs: Yes – Children: Yes – Cats: No


 CODY  – Medium size, stocky build

Cody is a youngster and a very friendly boy. He would love a fun-filled family to take him for walks and keep him busy.  He is on the dominant side and needs a friend who will match him in size, with a calm demeanor.

Sex:  Male – Size: Medium – Breed: Staffie-mix – Description: White-and-tan with a brown patch over his left eye– Born: end-2017- Energy: High – Other dogs: Some – Children: Over 12s  – Cats: No


 TOMTOM Small-Medium size (15kg) – In private foster care (Durbanville)

A lovable boy with a big heart! TomTom is a special dog with a friendly nature. He is also highly intelligent and would love some training to keep him occupied. He enjoys walks and rolling in the grass. 

Sex: Male – Size: Small-Medium – Breed: Labrador-Staffordshire Terrier – Description: Cream-tan short coat. Floppy ears.- Born: 2016 – Energy: Medium-High – Other dogs: Yes – Children: Yes – Cats: NO


 SASKIA Medium size

Saskia is a beautiful, confident, well-balanced dog who gets on well with other dogs and likes children. She is a wonderful, loyal companion and alert watchdog (a pet not a security feature!). All-round wonderful dog!

Sex:  Female – Size: Medium – Breed: Shepherd-mix – Description: Cream-tan short coat. Upright ears.- Born: 2014 – Energy: Medium – Other dogs: Yes – Children: Yes – Cats: Unknown


 NESSA Medium size

One word to describe Nessa: LOVELY! She wasn’t treated very nicely by her previous owner and yet she has zero issues with people – in fact, she adores attention and interaction with people of all ages.

She doesn’t need much to be happy – just love, good food, and a stable, happy home. She will be equally happy with dog friends or as your one and only.

Sex:  Female – Size: Medium – Breed: Staffie-mix – Description: Tan short coat, stocky build, beautiful face – Born: 2014 – Energy: Medium – Other dogs: Yes – Children: Yes – Cats: No


 CIARA Medium size

Ciara (or, as we call her, the girl with the colgate smile!) is an absolute honey. She is used to family life and loves people of all ages. She came from a good home and learnt to walk on lead and is house-training.

She is a Husky-Labrador and needs lots of walks, interaction, and secure, high walls – but she also loves eating.  She is very intelligent and learns fast. A lovely dog!

Sex:  Female – Size: Medium – Breed: Husky-Labrador – Description: Ginger short coat with white markings; green eyes. – Born: February 2017- Energy: High – Other dogs: Prefers males – Children: Over 8s (can be too exuberant for littlies) – Cats: No

 CASSIE Medium size  Kindly sponsored by Rialene Groenewald while awaiting adoption.

Cassie is a friendly, confident Labrador-Staffie mix. She is intelligent and lovable, and gets on with people of all ages. She also lkes having doggy friends.

Cassie is looking for a happy, active home where she will enjoy training and lots to keep her busy. She needs a secure property with walls.

Sex:  Female – Size: Medium – Breed: Labrador-mix – Description: Black smooth coat with dark eyes and floppy ears. – Born: early 2013 – Energy: Medium-High – Other dogs: yes – Children: Yes – Cats: No



 MCGUYVER Medium size

McGuyver is an active young dog of around 7 months. He is looking for a stable, disciplined home where he will get plenty of training, interaction, and walks to keep him occupied as he’s super intelligent and inquisitive. He prefers older children and low-dominance dog friends.

Sex:  Male – Size: Medium – Breed: Husky-mix – Description:Silky mid-length, cream-coloured coat and one lop ear – Born: +- end-2017 – Energy: High – Other dogs: Some – Children: Over 8s – Cats: No


 BECKY Small size Kindly sponsored by Jennifer Scriven while awaiting a forever home

Becky is a Jack Russell-Staffie mix and is a gentle, slight shy girl. She was very scared and has come out of her shell so beautifully. It’s time she gets a happy home. She’s looking for a very calm, stable home with patient and kind people.

Sex: Female – Size: Small (Jack Russel size +- 8 – 10kg) – Breed: Jack Russell-Staffordshire Terrier – Description: White-and-tan short coat, stocky build, bat ears- Born: 2016 – Energy: Medium – Other dogs: Yes – Children: Over 10s only – Cats: No


   RUPERT Small size  In private foster care, Durbanville

Rupert is one of our FAVOURITES  – he has a fantastic nature. Balanced, gentle, loving, friendly. He likes attention and ear scratches, and would be very happy if he could have a doggy girlfriend to keep  him company when his people aren’t there.

Sex: Male – Size: Small (Jack Russel size +- 11kg) – Breed: Terrier-x – Description: Small tan-and-black short-haired dog with amber eyes, and short legs. – Born: mid-2014 – Energy: Couch potato – Other dogs: Yes – Children: Yes – Cats: No

CHIPS Medium-large

Mr Personality! Chips is a real family guy and has a perma-smile second to none. As a Husky-mix, he needs exercise but, because he’s a bit older, he’s also happy suntanning and lazing around.

Sex: Male – Size: Medium-large (+-25kg) – Breed: Husky mix – Description: Cream-and-brown/black slightly fluffy coat and a big smile- Born: 2015 – Energy: Medium- Other dogs: Some – Children: Over 12s – Cats: No


 BLISS Small-medium (10-12kg)

Wonderful little dog! Bliss adores attention. She likes to lie on your lap and cuddle. Sweet, gentle, friendly little dog (mid-calf height) who is looking for a happy home. Awesome pet and only around 8 – 9 months old. 

VIDEO Bliss’ lapdog impression: BLISS LOVES CUDDLES

Sex: Female – Size: Small (+- 7kg) – Breed: Mixed – Description: Gold and dark brown/black short coat, floppy ears. – Born: mid-2017 Energy: Medium-High – Other dogs: Yes – Children: Yes – Cats: Unknown – seems ok



FANTASTIC dog! Thomas is a Greyhound-Border collie who is highly intelligent (he picked up hurdles, sitting on command, and retrieving in no time at all)and good with other dogs. He’s also good with kids and grew up with a cat in the home. Thomas needs a very active home. 

Sex: Male – Size: Medium-large – Breed: Greyound-Border Collie – Description: Tall, elegant build with white-and-black short coat and a long nose; golden eyes – Born: mid-2017 Energy: HIGH – Other dogs: Yes – Children: Yes – Cats: Used to a cat but needs introduction

   CURLY medium size    Kindly sponsored by Priscilla Edmondson while awaiting adoption.

Curly always has a smile and has a tail wag for everyone! He’s a happy guy by nature, and just wants to be with people. A real best friend.

He’s alert and intelligent. He likes children and gets on with other dogs (particularly females).

Sex: Male – Size: Medium (Border Collie size) – Description: Black and tan smooth coat, with a friendly face and curly tail – Breed: Mixed – Born: 2013 – Energy: Medium-Low – Other dogs: Yes – Children: Yes – Cats: No


  HOLLY Border-Collie size Kindly sponsored by Vanessa Visser while awaiting adoption.

Holly is a very gentle soul, not pushy at all, and adores attention. A bit shy and needs confidence-building. A wonderful dog who will fit into any type of home (but will thrive with training and walks as she’s a really intelligent dog).

She has the softest feathered coat with a beautiful plumed tail and fluffy ears (which she loves having stroked).

Sex: Female – Size: Medium, slender (+- 20kg) – Breed: Collie-x – Description: Golden mid-length coat, fluffy ears, fluffy tail. – Born: end-February 2017 Energy: Medium – Other dogs: Yes – Children: Yes – Cats: Unknown -looks ok


  LISHKA Small-Medium size  – Kindly sponsored by Jaco Myburgh while awaiting adoption.

Lishka is friendly, outgoing, affectionate and intelligent – pretty much everything you’d want in a dog PLUS she is gorgeous and she’s not too big (below knee-height).

The full package! Loves children and fine with other dogs. 

Sex: Female – Size: Small-Medium (+- 10kg) – Description: Short wiry coat, German Shepherd colouring, upright ears – Born: +- end-2016 – Energy: Medium – Other dogs: Yes – Children: Yes – Cats: Unknown


  JACK Medium size. Kindly sponsored by Analia Kuyler while awaiting adoption.

Jack is a Labrador-mix who is becoming depressed at the shelter because he so badly wants to be in a loving home as he once was before. Lovely family dog, housetrained (may need a ‘refresher course’) and walks well on lead.

Sex: Male – Size: Medium (+- 18 – 20kg) – Description: Smooth golden-brown coat, amber eyes, waggy tail – Born: +- end-February 2017 – Energy: Medium – Other dogs: Yes – Children: Yes – Cats: Unknown


  POPPY aka The Photobomber small/medium – Looking for a sponsor while she waits – R250/month

Poppy is a cheerful little lady who ADORES attention and will jump in front of any camera. She has a smooth, low-maintenance coat and oodles of love to share. She is good with children and gets along well with other dogs. Eager to please, a fast learner and very alert. High energy.

Sex: Female – Size: Small-Medium (+- 10kg) – Description: Short, blonde coat, large upright ears and a nice size- Born: +- 2015 – 2016 – Energy: Medium – Other dogs: Yes – Children: Yes – Cats: Unknown


  FIONA – Medium size   Kindly sponsored by Christiane while awaiting adoption

Fiona is an independent, intelligent, loving girl who takes a little bit of time to get to know you but, once she does, she will be your most faithful friend forever. She is a Husky-Shepherd mix of medium size. Would love an active but very calm home.

She is around 2 years old. Good with children. Will be happy as an only dog or with a laid-back dog friend.

Sex: Female – Size: Medium (around 20kg) – Breed: Husky-Shepherd-mix – Born: 2015 – Energy: Medium-High – Other dogs: Some – Children: Yes – Cats: Unknown


  CHIKITA Medium-large size   Kindly sponsored by Christiane while awaiting adoption

Chikita is an energetic, fun-loving medium-large dog who enjoys attention but can also be independent. Fantastic dog to go running or hiking with.

Little bit nervous of large groups of people and new situations but quickly comes out of her shell, especially if treats are up for grabs! She is +- 2 years old and medium-large size. Prefers male doggy friends. Good with children (but may be a bit boisterous for very small kids).

Sex: Female – Size: Medium-Large (+- 25kg) – Description: Black smooth coat with white blaze, fine features, elegant build – Born: +- 2015 – Energy: High – Other dogs: Yes, pref males – Children: Over 8s – Cats: Unknown



  NIKITA Large size Kindly sponsored by Frances Barratt while awaiting adoption.

Nikita is a lovely dog – friendly, affectionate and very confident. Watching her run is sheer poetry in motion: she’s elegant and agile. 

She is great with people,  including kids, and would prefer a male dog friend, or to be your one and only.

Sex: Female – Size: Medium-Large (+- 30kg) –  Breed: Africanis – Born: mid-2012 – Energy: High – Other dogs: Yes – Children: Yes – Cats: No



  JIMMY Medium size  – Looking for a sponsor while he waits! (R250/month)

This boy is your typical Township Special: great with people of all ages, tough, low-maintenance, and healthy. He’s alert and intelligent and will make an awesome companion. 

Sex: Male – Size: Medium – Breed: Township Special – Description: Brown with black markings. Born: 2015 – Energy: Medium – Other dogs: Yes – Children: Yes – Cats: No


  TAG  Medium-large size  – Looking for a sponsor while he waits! (R250/month)

If Tag had a song, it would be: ‘I’m sexy and I know it’. He merrily parades around showing off and then bounds up to you, full of joy, wanting attention and cuddles.

Tag doesn’t mind where he is – he adjusts quickly to any situation. He’s looking for an active home which will take him out for plenty of walks where he can show off and make friends with every person he meets.

Sex: Male – Size: Medium – Breed: Township Special – Description: : Fawn, gold & black short coat, strong black facial markings, floppy ears, strong jaw . Born: 2014 – Energy: Medium – Other dogs: Yes – Children: Yes – Cats: No


  ROLEX Medium size  – Kindly sponsored by Marinda de Waal while awaiting adoption.

Yes, we know that Rolex is a rather ambitious name for this very unfancy-looking girl but she really has a heart of gold and, despite her lack of exotic looks she makes up for it with a lovely nature!

Rolex is submissive, low-key girl who likes the quiet life.

Sex: Female – Size: Medium (+- 18 – 20kg) – Breed: Township Special – Description: Cream short coat, semi-upright ears, black facial markings  – Born: 2015 – Energy: Medium – Other dogs: Yes – Children: Yes – Cats: Unknown


  VALIANT Medium size  – Looking for a sponsor while he waits! (R250/month)

Valiant is a friendly guy – a confident and outgoing middle-aged gentleman who just wants to be part of a family. He’s around 6 years old and is medium-sized with a soft, snowy coat.

He is also very alert and a fantastic protector and watchdog.

Sex: Male – Size: Medium (+- 20kg) – Breed: Shepherd-mix  – Description: Snow-white short coat with large upright ears – Born: 2012 – Energy: Medium – Other dogs: Yes – Children: Yes – Cats: Unknown


     COURAGE – small size    Kindly sponsored by Gerda Schoeman-Weyers while awaiting adoption.

Courage is a bouncy, energetic dog who absolutely craves affection. He enjoys sitting on laps and going for walks.

He is also alert and highly intelligent and will protect you and be your loyal companion no matter what. 

Sex: Male – Size: Small (Jack Russel size +- 15kg) – Breed: Terrier-x – Description: Small cream s hort-haired dog with half-upright ears, 1 lop ear. – Born: early-2016 – Energy: Medium-High – Other dogs: Yes – Children: Over 12s – Cats: No



 PATCHES Small-medium size, stocky    Kindly sponsored by Elizna Albertse while awaiting adoption.

Patches is a friendly soul who loves attention and is always eager to throw himself onto his back for a nice tummy rub.

Sex: Male – Size: Medium (+- 16 – 20kg) – Born: 2011 – 2013 – Energy: Medium-Low – Other dogs: Some, pref females – Children: Over 12s – Cats: No


  MARLEY Medium size   Kindly sponsored by Christiane while awaiting adoption

Marley is loving, affectionate, and wonderful all-rounder. Not only that, but he’s a very handsome young guy! He LOVES kids and is an eager-to-please, playful dog. 

(Note: Marley needs a full-enclosed property with high walls.)

Sex: Male – Size: Medium (+- 20kg) – Breed: Labrador-mix – Born: mid-2015 – Energy: High – Other dogs: Yes – Children: LOVES kids – Cats: Unknown


  TEDDY Large size   Kindly sponsored by Denise & Jan-Paul Barnard while awaiting adoption.


He is a gentle giant and super friendly. The kind of dog who will be loyal to a fault and your best friend. Teddy is a lovable guy and his life revolves around being part of the action; around people! Fantastic, loving, gentle companion.

Sex: Male – Size: Large (+- 25 – 30kg) – Breed: Africanis – Born: 2013 – Energy: Medium – Other dogs: Yes – Children: Loves kids – Cats: No


  MADAME Medium size  Kindly sponsored by Marinda de Waal while awaiting adoption.

Madame-31Dec15-2pccThis is a friendly girl who thrives on attention. She has an affectionate nature but is independent too. She is alert and an excellent watchdog. 

Madame is low-maintenance, with a short, easy-to-care-for coat, and isn’t very big (+- 17kg)

Sex: Female – Size: Small-Medium (+- 17 – 18kg) – Breed: Fisantekraal Special – Description: Cream short coat, upright ears, slender build – Born: +- 2012 – Energy: Medium-High – Other dogs: Some – Children: Over 12s – Cats: No


  BILLY Medium size   

Billy-06May15-1wBilly is friendly, energetic, and alert (excellent watchdog). He is not used to lots of attention and is quite an independent guy, but he does enjoy affection and time spent with people on his own terms.

Needs an experienced dog owner.

Sex: Male – Size: Medium (+- 20 – 25kg) – Description:Cream short fur, stocky build, docked tail. – Breed: Mixed – Born: 2013 – Energy: High – Other dogs: Only Dusty and Madame – Children: Over 12s – Cats: No


  DUSTY Medium size 

Dusty-06May15-1 wDusty is a friendly guy who’s discovered attention and love. He’d would love a home where he can be the free spirit he always should have been, with plenty of walks and fun. He’s an energetic boy and very intelligent.

Needs an experienced owner, calm home, and training.

Sex: Male – Size: Medium (+- 18 – 20kg) – Description:Black short fur with cream markings, a long nose, and a short tail. – Breed: Mixed – Born: 2013 – Energy: High
Other dogs: Only Billy & Madame – Children: Over 12s – Cats: No


  YAGATI small-medium size  Kindly sponsored by Analia Kuyler while awaiting adoption

Yagati-04July15-3 wYagati is a loving, lovable little dog with big pointy ears and a dainty little ‘mouse face’. She has a ‘head for heights’ as she enjoys finding a high vantage point to sit on top of so she can survey her surroundings. 

Sex: Female – Size: Small-Medium (+- 15 – 17kg) – Breed: Unknown – Born: Mid-2014 – Energy: Medium-High – Other dogs: Yes – Children: Yes – Cats: No – Note: Needs high walls.