CONTACT: or WhatsApp 078 892 7892
Please note: FAW is a volunteer-run organisation and we try to assist you as quickly as we can. If we’re unable to answer the phone, please leave a message or WhatsApp us and we will get back to you. 

Adoption fee: R500 INCLUDES
Microchipping + Deworming and vaccinations up to date of adoption + Sterilisation at 6 months +Tested for FeLV and FIV
All adoptions subject to a home check. Our cats are all in private foster care.

SKIPPY – male

Skippy is a very loving middle-aged gentleman and he absolutely adores one-on-one time with his human. He is a chatty fella and always curious as to what you are up to. He snuggles by your side when you head to bed and soaks up all the love you give him – a real attention hog. He will go great with another older cat like himself. He is very laid back and a bit of a lazy bones. He is scared of dogs as he was attacked by one.

Sex: Male – Born: +- 2015 – Other cats: Yes – Dogs: No – Children: Over 10s

CASHEW – male

Cashew is a playful, regal cat who spends many hours taking care of his snow-white coat. He’d love a young cat buddy who is playful like himself. His hobbies are basking in the sun and birdwatching.
As far as cuddles are concerned, you may not perhaps fall asleep with him but he will be cuddling with you by early hours of the morning. He’s an excellent alarm clock and enjoys his food. He is not a fan of loud noise and is looking for a quiet home where there aren’t too many things happening.   

Sex: Male – Born: +- 2018 – Other cats: Yes – Dogs: No – Children: Over 10s

COPPER – male

Coppe is an absolute honey who loves people and will do anything for food! Copper is a lapcat and has a very loud purr. <3 He’d love to be a one and only feline so he can hog all your attention and all the nibbles you have to offer.  (But he will tolerate other cats if he still gets his far share.) 

Copper is inquisitive and clever – has figured out how to open cupboards! He is around 5 years old. Uses the litterbox. Used to indoor life.

Sex: Male – Born: +- 2015 – Other cats: Some but will also be fine as an only cat – Dogs: Calm, cat-friendly ones – Children: Yes