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All adoption procedures are to ensure the animals’ safety, health, and happiness, and help you in having a happy ever after with your new furry family members. This includes a home check and adoption fee. We rehome in Cape Town and surrounding areas. 

You’re welcome to meet the animals. Most board at Uitsig ARC near Melkbos, and some are in private foster care (no animals are at our premises in Fisantekraal). Please contact us to arrange a meeting. Thank you!

ADOPTION FEES CatWithPiggyBank– Include: Sterilisation, vet check, vaccination and deworming up to the date of adoption, and microchipping. Cats are tested for FeLV and FIV.

  • Cats over 6 months: R350
  • Dogs over 6 months: R550
  • Kittens under 6 months: R500 (sterilised at 6 months)
  • Puppies under 6 months: R700(sterilised at 6 months)

PupKittenHomeCheck1Home checks/visits are standard procedure for animal welfares. One or two volunteers will come to your house at a pre-arranged time to chat with you and have a quick look to check if the animal is a good match for your household.

Unfortunately, there are also many people who ‘adopt’ animals and use them for fighting, experimentation, security detail, and abuse. We care about every single animal in our care, and, therefore, we must be sure that they will be safe, happy, and part of the family.

Our aim is to make sure everyone is happy – animals and people. It’s nothing to be nervous of at all; we don’t care if you don’t have a ‘show house’ (neither do we)!


Some of the things we look for:

  • How do your other pets interact with each other and you? This impacts on how the animal you adopt may fit in.
  • Is there a good wall/fence around the property? Is it a safe place for the animal?
  • If it’s a very small property, will the dog be taken for walks?
  • Where will your pet sleep at night, and where is its shelter if it rains or is very hot?
  • If you have a pool/fishpond, does it have a net or fence around it? (puppies or blind dogs).
  • Is the animal going to be left alone for long periods of time (especially dogs)? Are there other pets to keep it company?*
  • Is this the right animal for your household (e.g. if it is a dominant dog, are the people experienced with a dog like this; if it is a very active household, will a low-energy dog fit in, etc.)

*NOTE: We unfortunately cannot home puppies under 6 months if they will be alone all day. 

CreamPupExperience has taught us that this invariably results in depressed or destructive dogs which dig, bark all day, chew everything up, and don’t learn basic discipline. This is not pleasant for the adoptive family, or for the puppy, and these pups are often returned.

It is cruel to leave a small puppy alone all day as they are sociable animals and they become very lonely and depressed. It is also unsafe – puppies get into mischief and you will not be there to supervise. There is also the issue of dog theft of puppies left alone.

If you have your heart set on a puppy, but work all day, we highly recommend finding a puppy daycare in your area; you’ll have a much happier, well-adjusted, obedient dog.

Note: Please bear with us! FAW is entirely run by volunteers. Please call during office hours and leave a detailed message or send us an email. Thank you for your understanding and patience!