10 great reasons to adopt an adult dog.

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It’s a struggle to find homes for adult dogs and cats (six months and older). People are afraid that they won’t fit into their home or family, get on with existing pets, or behave as they want them to. There … Continued

FAW Newsletter September 2019

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To read the newsletter in your browser, click here: SEPTEMBER 2019 NEWSLETTER (NOTE: Gremlins crept in – there is an error with the adoptions stats: it should read 47 and not 74.)  

January to August 2019

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It’s been a busy year so far! And, now that the weather will be warming up soon, we’re gearing up for sterithons and outreaches. Follow us on Facebook for regular updates and photos.

Adopt a low-energy dog

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Not into exercise or have limited mobility? That shouldn’t stop you from adopting! Read the article below, or by clicking on the picture. Owning a dog does not necessarily mean you need to be fit or get out and about, … Continued

How to help your new dog settle in

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“I don’t know that I’m adopted” Put yourself in your new pet’s paws: they don’t yet know that they’re ‘adopted’ or that this is their ‘forever home’. Try to understand that they may be a little bewildered or even scared; … Continued

Housetraining new dogs

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One thing most people are worried about is housetraining! It’s nothing to panic about and is actually usually easier in adult dogs than pups. Adults are more focused, better at controlling their bladder, and learn very quickly. Some dogs pick … Continued

How to help your new cat settle in

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Your new cat is looking to YOU to show them what to do and what is expected of them. Think of yourself as a tour guide showing around a foreign visitor who doesn’t speak your language! Start off as you … Continued