Thank you, Garden Cities

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Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts and on behalf of all the animals which need help, to Garden Cities! We are eternally grateful for our beautiful clinic in Greenville. (A little history) The folks at Garden Cities approached … Continued

Thank you, home checkers

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A big THANK YOU to some unsung heroes: home checkers!  Without you, most adoptions simply wouldn’t happen so it makes a HUGE difference.  An important part of adoptions is home visits/checks – the world has changed and, to ensure the … Continued

Thank you, Kenridge Primary School

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We <3 this! Thank you to Kenridge Primary School aftercare centre for the big tub of handmade doggy biscuits. What a lovely treat for the pooches! Every year, they have a ‘bak en brou‘ project and, this time, they baked doggy … Continued

Thank you, Tygerberg Animal Hospital

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A very important Friend of FAW: Tygerberg Animal Hospital, particularly Bellville and Plein Street. They do an immense amount to help us with affordable medical care and – very importantly – sterilisations! In fact, part of the reason why we … Continued

Thank you SUPERSPAR Aurora

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A big thank you goes to the SuperSPAR in Aurora, Durbanville for allowing us to have a trolley at their store for donations of pet food! It really makes a huge difference. And, to the shoppers, we say another big … Continued


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As many of you may know, we started a shop in 2012 at our premises in Fisantekraal. This shop runs entirely on donated household items and clothes, mainly 2nd-hand, and sells to the residents of Fisantekraal. We are eternally grateful … Continued