Finding Nemo the cat

On Saturday 2 February 2013, mid-afternoon, after a long and tiring day in Fisantekraal I got a message from our founder, Rosa, that somewhere in Fisantekraal near Kerkstraat was a kitten with a “broken nose”.

Well, so my hunt for the kitten started. After much searching and having to deal with ‘not-so-sober’ people, I remembered a case I’d dealt with a few weeks ago around kerkstraat – and they had kittens.

I went there and saw this teeny-weeny, 4-week-old kitten. The owner of the house had accidentally stepped on his head! The kitten was bleeding from the nose and eyes. The rest of the litter was big and strong and still drinking from the mother.

I was also worried that he might have some neurological damage due to the trauma. I took him home and asked my husband “what now??” We decided that we’d hear what the vet had to say, and then make a decision. That afternoon, I took the little one to Durbanville Animal Hospital, where he was examined – no broken nose! The vet took couldn’t find any physical injuries but he explained that he was dehydrated and might have some neurological damage which would only show up when was older (seizures, etc.).

For two months, every morning before work I dropped Nemo off at the ‘crèche’ – the ‘day mother’ none other than Rosa. In the afternoons my husband or I picked him up. Thank you Rosa! After 1 week of syringe-feeding, he began ‘sucking’ on soft food himself. He went for regular vet check-ups and was doing very well.

Next hurdle: We cautiously introduced him to the dogs. Miraculously, they happily accepted Nemo!

He was, and still is a little terror. He loves to bite your feet and hands (or your face!). The vet said Nemo is Mr Personality and that he is a typical boy cat, ie. WILD! I suppose he learned that from his canine family as I’m sure he thinks he’s a dog. They play non-stop, Nemo even grooms the dogs…and they love it.

When our baby girl arrived, Nemo became her best friend.

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