Wollie’s wounds are history

02 28 Sept 2On 14 December we were called to help a dog who had been burned on the side (unfortunately all too common in townships). His owner was furious & very worried about him, & said she thought it was cable thieves who had done this to him.

Wollie was very subdued & clearly in pain. He’s a big guy with long fur, & the fur was stuck to the wound in some spots. We had to gently cut the fur away which was obviously sore, but he didn’t growl or move. He knew we were there to help!

We have very minimalist treatments for this kind of thing – cleaning the wound, followed by applying a special healing, pain-easing & antiseptic cream (calendula and essential oils). He was also given a pain-killer & anti-inflammatory. Simple though it is, it’s pretty much foolproof, believe it or not – sometimes the simplest things do the trick! We handed over the cleaning solution, cream, some more pain-killers, & a contact number to the owner, leaving a sad-looking Wollie behind.

Two weeks later we took more photos – the change was remarkable! He was bouncing around like a pup, the wound was clearly much better, & tufts of fur were growing back. He was ecstatic to see us! His owner (as you can see on the pic) loves him to absolute bits & was so happy that he was feeling better.

03 07 OctWhen we checked in on him last Saturday, the fur was almost completely grown back, & he quite merrily wolfed down the treats we gave him, then bounded around, happy & healthy again.





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