Blade2In Fisantekraal, most dogs sleep outside – rain or shine, often without proper shelter. That’s why we started the FAW Kennel Project.

We pay between R500 – R800 per kennel (unfortunately, the cheaper ones just do not hold up to the rigours of township life), so every single bit helps! The owners also pay towards the kennels, of course.ย 

We also need secondhand kennels in good condition especially concrete and wood, medium size.

  • Nedbank
  • Acct Name: Fisantekraal Animal Welfare
  • Acct: 1039 094 171
  • Cheque
  • Branch code:10 39 10 (Tygervalley)
  • Ref: Kennels + your name (please email us so we can thank you!)

Contact: orย 082 783 1066. Follow us on Facebook for regular pictures and news on the kennel drive and more: FAW Facebook.



HOW SOME DOGS LIVE (Note: all the dogs in these images have since received kennels – but there are MANY more like them out there.)

HAPPY NEW ‘HOME OWNERS’ (For many more pictures of kennel deliveries, please visit our Facebook page!)


Boelie (donated second-hand kennel)

Boelie3Boelie belongs to Sara, who is the spokesperson for the farm workers on the dairy farm where they stay, and it is thanks to her that we were made aware of the situation there and have been able to sterilise and vaccinate many of the animals – soon all will be done! (On top of all this, Sara cares for her teenaged grand-daughter who has severe Foetal Alcohol Syndrome).

The problem is that Boelie, sweet boy that he is, is really strong and bouncy so a normal kennel would be flattened in no time!

So, now we had to wait until someone would kindly donate a really big concrete one (rare as hen’s teeth!).

Thank you so much to Renee Human for arranging this one for him. When we checked on him yesterday, we were told he loooooooves it! ๐Ÿ™‚

Toby (sponsored new kennel)

Toby Kennel

Toby is a lovely, super-friendly Pitbull dude who bounces all over the places (getting a picture of him anywhere near the kennel was impossible!). But his owner says he loves it! (No blanket because he shreds them into confetti within a day.)

Toby was neutered recently, for which we give his owner a round of applause: having Pitbulls sterilised is a win for everyone. We give preference to sterilised dogs.

Whitey (donated second-hand kennel)


This lekker guy lives on dairy farm outside Durbanville. He was living in a home-made kennel – we applaud the owners for making a plan, but unfortunately Whitey had grown rather larger than expected!


We don’t really know how on earth he was sleeping in there…

As this is a farmyard, any new kennel HAD to be sturdy and long-lasting. A concrete one, in other words…

And, we were lucky enough to get one – and Whitey loves it! Several months later we visited and Whitey’s kennel was still in good condition, the rubber in place – and he was enjoying sleeping inside it.

Tiger (donated second-hand kennel)

Tiger1Tiger is a favourite of ours in Fisantekraal. He’s a bit of a grumpy old man and can be pretty ‘iffy’ if you approach him too fast or if he’s eating. He is tied up because he does bite people and other animals (but he’s on a runner so he can move around his yard). We placed some shade cloth for him but we wanted to make his life better but he’s a pretty big dog and his kennel, while a little ramshackle, was at least sturdy…

Then, supporter Sue Turnbull-Botha donated this ENORMOUS kennel! It is huge and took several people to move it. Very big kennels are sometimes problematic because there isn’t always space in the yards for them – but we knew EXACTLY where this one could go. ๐Ÿ˜‰

When we got there, our two volunteers couldn’t get it to the right spot because Tiger was in the way and was growling (what outlandishly huge thing was this coming towards him!?). There was no one home, so they left the kennel, and checked back a couple days later.

Not only had the people moved the new one in (often you will get back to a house to find things exactly as you left it, which is why we usually just place things ourself), they had moved the shadecloth alongside it too so he still has a nice, shady corner to lie in when he doesn’t feel like being in his lovely new kennel – which he was fast asleep in when we checked in. ๐Ÿ™‚

Smiley (sponsored new kennel)

Smiley Heritage DaycWe treated poor little Smiley for a dog bite and, when we returned her home, we discovered that, although her owners had tried, her shelter wasn’t adequate. And, so, she got a brand new, sturdy kennel on Heritage Day.

At first, she was mystified and refused to go near it (or maybe she was just enjoying getting tummy rubs too much)…

But, today, she loves her kennel and is often found snoozing away inside.



For more information, or to sponsor or let us know you’ve sponsored a kennel: orย 082 783 1066 Please follow us on Facebook for up-to-date pictures and news on the kennel drive and more: FAW Facebook.

  • Nedbank
  • Acct Name: Fisantekraal Animal Welfare
  • Acct: 1039 094 171
  • Cheque
  • Branch code:10 39 10 (Tygervalley)
  • Ref: Kennels + your name (please email us so we can thank you!)