Wish List

Wish List

Little dog being treated for bites wounds.

Everything we do means we have ongoing needs for basic supplies! If you have leftovers of things your pets haven’t used up, such as vitamins, shampoo, etc. (within date!) please send ’em our way as we will be very grateful for them.

Any help anyone can give would be much appreciated.

If you can assist, please contact info@faw.za.org / 062 258 3547 / 084 519 0380



  • New vehicle DESPERATELY needed! The ideal is a Toyota Condor or similar, which would have to be modified to have seats removed. (We just don’t ever want another Chana again!) Our vans are fading – fast. 

ONGOING ITEMS – things we always, always need and can never have enough of! PLEASE MARK CLEARLY: FOR FAW USAGE, NOT FOR SALE so that we don’t think they are shop donations!

For animals


  • Pet food, especially dry dog, cat, and puppy food – we go through this at a rate of knots!
  • Collars, especially medium-sized leather (not harnesses) and leads
  • Treats: especially hooves & chewies, as well as biscuits
  • Kennels, new or 2nd-hand, including concrete ones (or check out our kennel project and sponsor a kennel!)
  • Large dog bowls, especially the non-tippable kind
  • Containers that can be used for food and water especially deep, large ones (plastic and metal): Plastic ice cream containers (2l & 5l), buckets, etc. Not too nice or the people use it themselves!
  • If you’d like to donate blankets, fleece ones are ideal as they’re inexpensive try Pep Stores!) and dry very quickly

Everyday necessities


062 258 3547 – Cell C 

  • Petrol vouchers or donations for petrol!
  • Hardware items, including snap hooks/carabiners, d-shackles, and galvanised wire 10mm OR hardware store vouchers (Spiro’s Mica, Builder’s Warehouse, Brights).
  • Stationery: black markers, ballpoints, masking tape, prestik, paperclips
  • Spray bottles (plastic refillable, preferably with a ‘trigger’ handle)
  • Cleaning items – disinfectant floor/tile cleaner, sponges, washing-up brushes
  • Small plastic bottles, jars, and spray bottles (for treatment creams and sprays),
  • Ziplock bags (sandwich-size and smaller)
  • Bin bags (black bags)

Clinic items


     F10 disinfecting products especially VeterinarySCXD Disinfectant/Cleanser, Germicidal Wound Spray with Insecticide, Germicidal Treatment Spray with Insecticide

  • Pet clinic stuff, including: Pet laxative (e.g. Laxapet or Animalax); Liquid of paraffin, Protexin probiotic powder, Traumeel tablets, Eye drops and ointment (individual little ‘sachets’ & ISEE Ointment or similar); Cough syrup (alcohol and codeine-free e.g. Tixylix, Puma, etc.);  Supplements (brewer’s yeast, dolomite, dog multivitamins, Mirracote)
  • Cotton wool (rolls, balls, or pads)
  • Human first aid (volunteers get bitten, cut themselves, etc.) – plasters, compression bandages, cotton wool pads/squares

We are eternally grateful for anything you can send our way! 🙂