Homes needed for 17 dogs before shelter closes

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Hi supporters
This is what we have feared and it has now become a reality.
You may have seen this post from our friends at Uitsig ARC regarding the sale and possible closure of the shelter. Our hearts are breaking.

The land is going to be sold.

This is why we have been begging and pleading with you all for fosters and adoptions.

This is why we really need YOUR HELP to rehome/foster our remaining 17 FAW dogs at the shelter.


We have to be completely honest with you all so here are the facts:
  • We have 17 dogs left at Uitsig ARC.
  •  If the doors close, and it’s looking very likely that this could happen, we don’t have anywhere to go with them.
  • Fosters or forever homes are the only option for us. Sending them to other welfares is not really an option*.
  • We WILL do and are trying everything in our power to rehome them all. But, after we have done and tried everything, and still have nowhere to go with them, our last option will, sadly, be to consider putting them to sleep. However, we will not give up until every possibility has been exhausted.
  • We do not say this to try and ‘guilt-trip’ you. We are telling you because we need to be honest and because we need to impress upon you the severity of the situation.
Please have a look at our adoption album/website page. Please share. Please consider fostering. You will literally be saving a life.
(And if our dogs aren’t a match for you, please visit Uitsig’s page – with over 200 to choose from, there IS a dog that will fit in to your home.)
FACEBOOK (lots more photos AND videos of the dogs): FAW Facebook Adoption Album 
Note: Proper adoption procedures (home checks, etc.) will still apply to ensure the dogs are placed in the best homes for them. Note that you can foster a dog temporarily until it finds a forever home! or 078 892 7892
REMINDER: FAW is not the same organisation as Uitsig ARC! Our animals were ‘boarding’ there because we don’t have a shelter. We are not closing!
*Why we can’t send them to other welfares.
Not only will it be unfair of us to put this extra burden on them, most are chock-a-block anyway. Thus, our only option would be welfares such as the SPCA which don’t turn anyone away.
Bear in mind our dogs have been in outdoor camps with soft sand under their feet and lots of fresh air. Some of our dogs are very sensitive to stress and one (Emily) is a special needs case (extremely shy and nervous). Putting them in kennels will be so stressful for them that it would be cruel. We will not subject them to this.
Chances are most of our dogs won’t find homes (given that some of them have already been waiting YEARS) and, with thousands of dogs coming in every month, the may end up being put to sleep there anyway.
We can’t subject them to this.