June 2018 in numbers

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A huge thank you to each and every person who donated, be it funds, items for the shop, kennels, their time, and their sharing and caring – you make the difference.

Kennels We delivered 39 kennels in June – most of which came from Purple Kennel Project – Cape Town​ donations, some donated funds so we could have large kennels made (which are often shared by more than one dog!) and some also donated 2nd-hand kennels. THANK YOU soooo much to all of you.

Sterilisations We tend to do less sterilisations in winter because we don’t like sending just-operated animals home when it’s so cold outside, given that we also know they probably won’t be sleeping in front of the heater when they get there. 

Adoptions There was a big drop in adoptions, which is completely normal for this time of year. Sad but true! Hopefully when the weather warms up, more people will think of offering a home to an animal! Thank you so much to the 6 families that opened their homes to a dog or cat – you changed the world for them.

Sponsors We also got some new sponsors – yaaaayyy! Thanks so much and welcome to our new Friends of FAW! 

Vaccinations went up, which is both good and bad – it’s good that people know how important it is but frightening how many puppies there are, many of which are coming from the new Greenville area. While we try to stay positive, we have to admit that it can sometimes seem as if you are fighting a non-stop battle. But we will never give up!!

There is a big sterithon and some big changes in the pipelines so watch this space. 

We treat many animals for sickness and injury at our containers – the figures don’t include animals given minor treatments like cleaning up a scrape or putting on tick treatment. Sadly, we do sometimes have to put animals to sleep if they are too badly hurt or sick to be helped. We are grateful that we can do what we can to ease any suffering as that is what we’re there for, even if it breaks our hearts.

We had some new volunteers join us and, of course, have been having a great time driving our new vehicle (it has power steering – we never had that before!!!)

Overall, we consider ourselves very fortunate to have so much support from all of YOU and some wonderful people helping the animals, be it in the township or elsewhere.