Section 18A Tax Receipts

Section 18A Tax Receipts

We are PBO registered! This means that we may provide Section 18A receipts* for your donations received as of 04 September 2017. This allows people to claim some tax back on their donations.
(PBO means a Public Benefit Organisation, which is not the same as a Non-Profit Organisation.) Unfortunately, we are not permitted to issue certificates retroactively; we can only issue them for donations made from 04 September 2017.

If you require a S18A Receipt for a donation, please email us at
We will not issue these automatically – you will need to let us know if you need one, and we will require some infomation from you (mandatory and required by SARS). Please allow 5 working days for your certificate to be issued. Thank you!

THANK YOU to all those who donate to keep us going so that we can help the animals which need us.

*What is a Section 18A receipt? A section 18A receipt, also known as a tax-deductible receipt, is a specific receipt that is issued by a Section 18A-approved organisation to a donor which entitles the donor to a deduction from the donor’s taxable income.

PS: We are also a BEE Exempt organisation which means that, if your company may only donate to BEE-compliant organisations, FAW is considered BEE-compliant. 

We will need proof of payment of the donation OR proof of donation of an item/services, along with the following info.

You can mail us for a form or download it here: FAW Information required for S18A Tax Receipt

  1. Name of donor
  2. Physical address of donor
  3. Amount of donation
  4. Nature of donation:
    OTHER (Value, description and details of how value was determined)
  5. Date of donation
  6. Proof of payment/donation

Thank you for your support!

Please visit our ‘OFFICIAL’ page to see certificates. 


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