FAW is a registered non-profit organisation. We are also a Public Benefit Organisation PBO (PBO number 930057641). This means that we may provide Section 18A receipts* so that you can claim some tax back on your kind donations. If you require a S18A Receipt for a donation, please email us at info@faw.za.org.

We will not issue these automatically – you will need to let us know if you need one, and we will require some infomation from you (mandatory and required by SARS). Please allow 5 working days for your certificate to be issued and up to 2 weeks during peak tax season. Thank you!

THANK YOU to all those who donate so that the animals get the help they need.

What is a Section 18A receipt?
Also known as a tax-deductible receipt, this is a specific receipt that is issued by a Section 18A-approved organisation to a donor which entitles the donor to a deduction from the donor’s taxable income.

SARS requires the following to allow us to issue S18A certificates:

Proof of payment of the donation OR proof of donation of an item/services

  • Name of donor
  • Physical address of donor
  • Amount of donation
  • Nature of donation:
  • CASH AMOUNT or OTHER (value, description and details of how value was determined)
  • Date of donation

Thank you for your support!

To view our NPO, PBO, and B-BBEE certificates please visit our Official Documents page.