Thank you, Durbanville Animal Hospital (DAH)

Thank you, Durbanville Animal Hospital (DAH)

We’reDAH can’t express just how thankful we are to Durbanville Animal Hospital for their excellent care and service to the animals, and the effort they put into helping Fisantekraal Animal Welfare. They are always happy to give us expert advice and medical care.

They also donate two free sterilisations per week, which is crucial to our work.

Durbanville Animal Hospital has been providing outstanding medical care to the animals of Durbanville for over 25 years!

They now also have a branch in Goedemoed who have come to our rescue numerous times too.

An extra-special thank you goes to Dr Maryke Thomas who is on the FAW committee. She spends a great deal of time and effort helping to spread the message of FAW and sterilisations far and wide, raise funds, and provide sterilisations and advice.


Durbanville Animal Hospital – 021 976 3031 – Cnr De Villiers and Durban Road

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