Thank you Tygerberg Animal Hospital (TAH)

Thank you Tygerberg Animal Hospital (TAH)

logo_tahWe owe a huge debt of gratitude to the vets, vet nurses, and orderlies of Tygerburg Animal Hospital Bellville and Plein Street for all their hard work and care on an ongoing basis, particularly with our sterithons. They offer several greatly-discounted sterilisations to us weekly and donate their time and space (Plein Street branch) free of charge once every few months for sterithons. 

Sterilisations are crucial to our work and are our number one priority so their hard work is of so much value to us – and the animals.

They provide so much medical care and advice at a lower price so that it’s more affordable. Thank you, TAH, it means so much to FAW – but most importantly, to the animals.


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