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For adoptions only please WhatsApp 078 892 7892.

We help the animals and their people of Fisantekraal/Greenville, Morning Star (Durbanville), and Klipheuwel, near Durbanville, Western Cape. Our focus is on primary heathcare and sterilisation (spay/neuter). We also treat injuries and illnesses, assist with kennels, collars, and food, and rescue and rehome animals in need. FAW is not a shelter and doesn’t have kenneling facilities. 

Without you, none of this would be possible. Thank you for your making a difference.

What FAW does: Helping people to help animals.


To save thousands of future animals, all you have to do is sterilise one. Spay/neuter is our main focus – the less animals born into a bad situation, the better.

By creating awareness in the community, showing how something can be done better, and sensitising pet owners, we believe that things CAN change…for the better.

Subsidised food programme

A combination of donated food and food bought from our funds is either given out when needed, or used in a subsidised programme. 

Primary healthcare

We vaccinate against rabies in cats and dogs, canine parvovirus and distemper in dogs, and snuffles and other respiratory diseases in cats.

We also treat minor injuries such as burns or bite wounds in our clinic; more serious injuries are taken to vets in Durbanville.

We treat mange, ticks, and fleas on site; and rescue abused or neglected animals.

Shelter and comfort

We assist with kennels for the many dogs who live outside all the time. We also aim to educate owners about tying up/chaining of dogs, and, if there’s no way they can be let loose, we assist with running wires so that dogs can move around. We arrange for longer-haired pooches with badly-matted hair to be clipped.

All the things we do – and there’s so much more than just the above – takes a lot of time and money. We are so grateful to all our volunteers and sponsors; the vets, vet nurses, and grooming people; and the many, many individuals who support us in word and deed. Thank you!

STRAYSUnfortunately, we don’t have a shelter and cannot collect strays. Please contact the AACL or SPCA for assistance: CONTACTS