Rags to riches: Simon

Simon’s owner called us one day as we were driving down her street: she wanted us to take her dog and put him down because ‘he is old and his skin is bad’. OK, fair enough, we thought, sick, elderly dogs in the township have a very rough life as other dogs harass (and sometimes kill) them.

But when we saw him, our volunteer’s heart melted!

There sat a sad little guy, big ears at half-mast, threadbare like an old teddy bear.

Yes, he was elderly, but he had such spirit in his eyes – and we knew the skin was treatable! It was clearly a combination of neglected flea infestation and a bit of demodectic mange due to a weakened immune system caused by stress and malnutrition.

No way were we putting him to sleep! We felt he needed a quiet place to recover in because he was a sensitive fellow, and needed LOADS OF TLC. And so began the hunt for a foster home.

That’s when Hettienne stepped in. This angel and her family offered to take him in, despite his age, despite the work that lay ahead. She would foster this lovely old guy. 2 days later, our volunteer got a call: they were not going to foster him anymore…they were going to adopt him!  (Cue happy dance!)

The rest, as they say, is history. It wasn’t easy – Simon had plenty of issues. He was very nervous of strangers, especially men. He was hard of hearing and he needed teeth removed. He scratched constantly because of his long-untreated skin problem. But they persevered.

2 years later, and the dog you see is just about unrecognisable! His ears are upright, his fur is lush and healthy, he has a spring in his step, and, above all, he is SO LOVED!

We are immensely grateful to Hettienne and her family for taking in Simon and making his wildest dreams come true. 🙂
THIS is what makes going into the township and helping animals like Simon worth it for us.

Hettienne reports: “He is doing so well!! He is double his size with thick fur and a bit of weight. We go for short walks only as it seems his legs are arthritic. He follows me everywhere and also loves my daughter. He is too fearful to go to the grooming parlour so i have a home visit one and absolutely loves being washed and pampered. Here is a piccie of when we went walking. He loves a walk. He is very fearful and paranoid but I get him and am so happy he came to me…”

Here’s to 10 more years of helping animals!

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