FAW Sterilisations in Tygerburger

four ways to donate to FAWWe are proud to be in this week’s Tygerburger newspaper! Thank you, Tygerburger, for always supporting FAW. And thank you to all of YOU, our supporters, for making this possible, and the vets and volunteers.

Please note: We are a small organisation and battling to keep up with sterilising of the animals in our area, so we can’t assist outside the area. If you need assistance with sterilisation, please chat to your veterinarian or call the SPCA, Animal Anti-Cruelty League, PDSA, or other welfare in your vicinity. If need be, phone around, find a vet with good prices near you, then save up a little every month to have your pet snipped.
And remember: if you adopt from a reputable welfare instead of buying from a backyard breeder or pet shop, sterilisation (and other crucial vet care) will be included in the fee!

Tygerburger Newspaper: FAW Addressing animal neglect by sterilisation

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