FAW in 2013

The past year was a tough one but successful in many ways. We started a kennel project, adopted out many lucky dogs and cats, rescued animals in need, and sterilised plenty!

Our tiny team of part-time volunteers worked very hard in 2013 – here are the figures.

These, of course, don’t include the MANY on-site things that get done – the smaller wound treatments, feeding, sorting out of chained dogs, building runners, organising kennels, collars and leads, ensuring food and water, shaving of matted fur, bathing, mange treatments, education, rehoming of animals, and SO much more.

In 2013 we sterilised 562 animals, vaccinated 1506 against rabies, canine parvo virus, distemper, etc., & treated 466 animals for severe sicknesses and injuries. Well done and thank you to all the super hard-working volunteers!


Dogs: 131
Puppies: 928
Cats: 13
Kittens: 25
(Rabies: 409)


Dogs (male): 220
Dogs (female): 233
Cats (male): 61
Cats (female): 48

Here’s a brief look at some of the highlights of 2013…

The Great FAW Kennel Drive launches

Kennels & van

We started a project to place kennels in the township and squatter camp. We asked our supporters to help raise money for 40 kennels or donate unused kennels. FAW pledged to match the 40 in the hope that we could place 80 – a big target.

In total you helped place over 130 kennels; that’s shelter from the winter and summer elements for over 130 animals in Fisantekraal. 



Late one boiling-hot Saturday afternoon a little boy called us to a house for a dog (not his) lying on the concrete in the baking sun. He’d had something heavy thrown at him and was in bad shape. We are pro-quality of life and where need be we will say goodbye and send our furries over the bridge with all the love in our hearts.

BUT, when we looked into Warrior’s eyes, we knew he wanted to live. There was HOPE and where there is hope we will do something. Warrior touched MANY hearts, and pledges and donations streamed in to help him on his road to recover. We did know he was an older dog and maybe the sadness he had had to deal with in his life meant it happened sooner than we had thought but in April he left us for the rainbow bridge, loved to the moon and back by his forever Mom. We’d shown him that there is love and kindness in the world. 

We got a major makeover

New roof

One day during the week some wonderful people came to our containers when we were not on duty and transformed our outside area into a covered patio for our clients and furries to be able to shelter from the rain and blistering sun.

Naomie, Riaan, Doron, and Peet of RJ45 Networking Solutions, along with CEL Paving took time out of their lives and spent a lot of money and hard work to help make things better at our containers with a guttered roof and paving stones.

You cannot imagine how much this helps ~ thank you!

Successful sterithons 

We had several sterilisation days throughout the year. In November, we aimed to spay/neuter 35 animals in one afternoon. We have to transport our animals from Fisantekraal into Durbanville to be sterilised (and all the way back again) – and on the day one of our vans broke down in the township. But nothing gets us down!

We smashed our target, sterilising 44 animals! What an awesome team we had that day and a huge thank you to our incredible vets without who none of this could happen. 

HOG Tygervalley Chapter (Harley Owners Group), adopted us as their 2013 charity 

Harley Bear

Harley the Bear became a representative for the needy and abandoned animals in Fisantekraal; he journeyed around the world spreading awareness for our cause.

Harley and the HOGs donated kennels, new weighing scales, bins for our food containers, donations towards our vet bills, and, importantly, lots of awareness. Thank you so much guys, your generosity is so much appreciated! A special thanks must go to Karen Koen, HOG Tygervalley Charity Officer, for all her hard work.

We were so blessed to have a multitude of supporters on our side. From an incredible big anonymous donation, to the ongoing donations of food, money, kennels, and goods for our shop, to support and love, we were just blown away!

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