A new life for Namandla

In February 2021, we uplifted a beautiful young dogĀ  from life on the end a chain. He was a bag of bones, at just 10kg, weighing half what he should. We named him Namandla, meaning strength because we wished him strength to recover from a life of severe neglect and deprivation. He was chained to his kennel, with about 1 metre space around him. We spoke to his owners numerous times but they simply did not care. Eventually, our volunteers convinced them to sign him over to us. He was taken to our clinic, where he spent a week fighting for his life, so emaciated that he barely had the strength to stand. Then an amazing foster stepped forward – Mayuri swept him away to her home where he learned all about the joys of life with someone who cares.

Slowly but surely, this incredibly gentle lad learned to trust. He gained weight. He gained confidence. He discovered toys, the beach, forest walks, and being friends with other dogs. His transformation was just incredible. And, finally, after a couple of months with his foster mom, he found his forever home. Today, he goes by the name Jimmy, and is the most pampered pooch in the world!

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