Rags to riches: Jessica


Jessica’s is a real ‘rags-to-riches’ story. Her owners in Fisantekraal said we must ‘take her and put her down’ because of her bad skin (which was actually caused entirely by their own neglect). She had a flea allergy caused by long-term untreated flea infestation, and malnutrition had made her thin, weak, and her skin dry and thick (like elephant skin).

Well, of course, we would do no such thing. We could see that all she really needed was to get the fleas under control, good food, and love. A fantastic foster mom, Renee, stepped forward and took over Jessica’s care. And what an incredible difference she made.

Within no time, Jessica’s fur was growing back, she was becoming plump, and, best of all, she learnt to PLAY. She wanted to play with everybody – people, cats, dogs!

Once she was fully recovered, it was time for her to find a happy forever home. We knew such a beautiful dog would soon find one and, indeed, she did. Today, she enjoys comfy couches, playing with two lively chidlren, and snuggling with her cat and dog friends. 

Thanks so much, Renee, for waving your magic wand over Jess, and to her Mariete and family for adopting her. Be happy, beautiful Jessica!

THANK YOU to all those who donate, foster, volunteer (even if it is just to drive a dog somewhere), and support. Without this, dogs like Jessica would either suffer terribly or die. We are so very grateful to all our supporters. You can help change the world for animals like Jessica. Please visit our Get Involved pages for more info.


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