Rags to riches: Jessica

Jessica Before After

Jessica’s is a real ‘rags to riches’ story: her owners in Fisantekraal said we must ‘take her and put her down’ because of her bad skin (which was caused entirely by their neglect!). She had a flea allergy caused by long-term untreated flea infestation, and malnutrition had made her thin, weak, and her skin dry and thick (like elephant skin).

Well, of course, we would do no such thing – instead, a wonderful foster mom, Renee Human, stepped forward and took over her care. And what an incredible difference she made!

Within no time, her fur was growing back, she was becoming plump, and, best of all, she learnt to PLAY! She wanted to play wth everybody – people, cats, dogs! And now she has a forever family with lively children to play with her all the time, and people who will be showered with love from this adorable girl.

Thanks so much, Renee, for waving your magic wand over Jess, and to her Mariete and family for adopting her. <3 Be happy, beautiful Jessica!

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