Kenna the burnt kitten


Kenna and her siblings were rescued from Fisantekraal informal settlement after a neighbour reported that they were being mistreated and that some of the kittens had already been killed. 

Kenna had been burned with boiling water and lost most of the fur on her right side. She was checked by the vet and given pain medicine so it didn’t hurt, and then she and her brothers and sister were off to foster mom.

Every day, a few times a day, Kenna had calendula ointment (healing and antiseptic) applied to her burn wound. When it was finished, foster mom moved onto cold-pressed coconut oil. And little Kenna absolutely thrived!

The wound healed quickly and the fur started to grow back beautifully (even though it had been predicted she’d probably have a bald spot for life). And, because of all the attention, she because one of the most well-socialised, friendly kitties we’ve ever had.

And, on 1 April, a wonderful lady adopted her. We were overjoyed! Kenna means ‘born of fire’; we named her this because we wanted her to rise like a Phoenix to a better life. And that is exactly what has happened.

Kenna featured on Happy Tails Magazine’s website as a Happy Tail; read her story here: BORN OF FIRE

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