Gabbi: from broken stray to gorgeous girl

Gabbi is a very special adoption as she had quite a metamorphosis, from terrified, severely neglected dog to joyful beauty. 

In the midst of a terrible storm, a man happened to look out of his office window. And what should he see, hunched up and shivering in the cold and rain, but this tiny little bald bundle of bones.

Mr De Lange quickly headed out into the rain to swoop her up and take her to the vet.

The little dog, which he and his wife named Gabbi, after a beloved dog who has sadly passed away, was half-bald, covered in scabs (secondary infection), shaking with fear, had a sore paw, and is so thin and neglected – weighing in at 6.8kg.

She spent that night in the warmth at the vet, with a full tummy, and pain killers and medication for her skin (diagnosed as demodectic mange, probably caused by severe malnutrition affecting her immune system). It later turned out that her leg had also been fractured and left untreated at some point.

The next day, she went to a foster home and slept in her very own bed with a hot water bottle!

HUGE thanks to the De Langes for being animal angels by not looking away, and rescuing her and getting her the help she needs – PLUS sponsoring her treatment, which helps A LOT! Eternal gratitude to fab foster Renee and her hubby David for taking her in and waving their magic wand over this baby; it’s not many people who will take on a case like this. Thank you to TAH Bellville’s Dr Sam and Dr Fiona for their expert care.

Gabbi slowly but surely got better, eventually going up to around 9kg and turning out to have a gorgeous fluffy coat. She went on to be adopted by a loving family. A true happily ever after!

We do not have a shelter and we rely entirely on foster homes to save dogs like Gabbi. Visit our Get Involved pages for more info. 


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