Wollie the farmyard Maltese



Wollie was uplifted from a farm and, although he was not abused or unloved, a farmyard is simply not the place for a fluffy dog which needs lots of grooming and a comfy life. Farm dogs tend to be pretty tough. Around the farm is lots of bush and, without keeping him clipped short all the time (which his owners simply cannot afford), his coat was constantly matted and dirty, and he was infested with ticks and fleas. He was also being bullied terribly by the other farm dogs, most of which were much bigger than he is, so he wasn’t getting to his food and he was pretty underweight. 

His owner, who is a farm labourer, very tearfully asked us to take him and find him a new home as she knows that this is what’s best for him.

We took him to the vet for a check-up and then it was off to Uitsig Animal Rescue Centre (where we used to board our animals in those days). Once he’d settled in, Wollie received a warm bath and impromptu make-over from the volunteer who had uplifted him. The sweet little pooch sat perfectly still while all the horrible matted bits of coat were snipped off, his nails were clipped, and his ears cleaned. And then he had cuddle time in the sun.

It wasn’t long before this adorable little pooch went to his forever home where he would be living the life of a king. 

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