Long-timer, rescue adoption: Baxter

Baxter and his brother, Rupert, were rescued from atrocious circumstances in 2014, where Baxter was short-chained to a rusty trailer, in the blazing heat, starved, and ignored.
With loads of TLC from Uitsig ARC, where he stayed since then, Baxter blossomed into a charming little gentleman. And then he waited…and waited…and waited…
For over 2 long years, Baxter waited for his forever home. He went from skin and bone to rather rotund and we appealed for a family to help him with weight loss. He even featured in the newspaper several times. But still nobody came forward. They just didn’t seem to see what a magnificent little dog he is!
And then the Marais family saw what we had been seeing all along: how awesome Baxter is. To our great joy, he finally found the home any dog can dream of. Thank you SO much to the Marais family for opening your hearts and home to this sweetheart.

An extra thank you goes to Vanessa Visser, who kindly sponsored Baxter while he waited for his forever home.


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