Rags to Riches: Ben


Ben – now Benji – is a Hat-eared Speckled Dog who was rescued from a bad area in a terrible state: he was undernourished and absolutely full of mange, fleas, and worms.

The poor pup was so depressed and neglected. He went into foster care for several months while he recovered and fosters, Charleen and Noelene, did an absolutely fantastic job. Then, it was time to find him a forever home. 

Along came a wonderful family with a 7-year-old boy who was so looking forward to having a young doggy to play with, and an older Jack Russell pal to show him the ropes.

He settled in beautifully, charming everyone he met with his sweet nature, being a fantastic ambassadog for rescues everywhere!

We do not have a shelter and we rely entirely on foster homes to save dogs like Ben. Visit our Get Involved pages for more info. 

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