Adoption Application

Please complete the below form to apply to adopt an animal. We understand that this is a long form that will take a little time to read through and complete but it is intended to ensure the best fit between home and animal, and to ensure that everyone is aware of all the procedures.
Below the form, you will find the adoption Ts & Cs. Please read through them carefully so you can get a better idea of what to expect. Please bear in mind that all rules are there for the welfare of the animals, many of which have been through some traumatising events prior to adoption, as well as to ensure a good rehoming experience for you.

We thank you for taking the time and for considering changing lives by adopting a FAWbie. 

Adoption contract terms and conditions

The new owner vouches the following:

  1. The adopter undertakes to care for, love, and make part of the family, this/these animal/s.
  2. The adopter will ensure that the animal/s is/are comfortable and safe, with the necessary, accessible shelter, and that ample fresh water and food are available every day.
  3. The animal/s will not be chained, tied up, or confined, nor will it/they be mistreated in any way.
  4. The adopter will ensure the health of the animal/s, including seeking veterinary treatment if necessary, and vaccinating and sterilising the animal/s.
  5. Puppies and kittens will complete their vaccinations and deworming, and be sterilised at approximately 6 months of age (mandatory). Vaccinations taking place after adoption will be at the adopters own cost at their own vet. (See point 4 below.)
  6. The animal/s, particularly puppies and kittens, will not be left alone for long periods of time.
  7. Under no circumstances will the animal be re-homed, sold, or given away without prior consultation with FAW. If, for any reason, the new owner (below-mentioned) is unable to keep or care for this animal, they will contact FAW for assistance. (See point 3 below.)
  8. Under no circumstances will the animal be surgically/cosmetically altered (tail docking, ear cropping, vocal chord removal, etc.) unless for medical reasons, discussed with FAW.
  9. The new owner will ensure that the property is safe for the animal/s. This includes, but is not limited to, secure walls/fences, covered/fenced pools or ponds, and removing health risks.
  10. The adopter will inform FAW of any change of address or contact details.
  11. FAW representatives will be permitted to make follow-up visits to check on the animal/s.
  12. A once-off, non-refundable adoption fee is payable by the owner to FAW before taking the animal.
  13. Animals will be microchipped by FAW using Get Me Known microchips before going to their permanent homes and FAW will register this.

Fisantekraal Animal Welfare (FAW) warrants the following:

  1. Veterinary treatment for pre-existing conditions will be covered by FAW within a 7 day period after this agreement is signed. Should the animal/s require veterinary treatment within the 7 day period for pre-existing conditions, the adopter will contact FAW immediately to arrange this. Treatment will be done at a FAW-approved veterinary practice (this is due to welfare rates being offered because FAW cannot afford high private veterinary rates). Thereafter, all veterinary fees arising are at the adopter’s own cost. FAW unfortunately cannot cover any private veterinary fees raised during this 7 day period.
  2. FAW is not responsible for costs arising from injury or damage inflicted on the new owners, their family, friends, existing pets, or property by FAW animals, either during viewing or after adoption.
  3. If, for any reason, the adopter is unable to keep this animal, FAW will re-home it. Please allow time to find a foster/space at the shelter or a new home.
  4. Puppies and kittens adopted under 6 months of age will be sterilised at 6 months, the cost of which is included in the adoption fee. Should the adopter wish to use their own vet, at their own cost, please furnish FAW with proof of sterilisation.
  5. FAW vouches that, to the best of our knowledge, the animal/s is/are healthy at time of adoption*. *If the animal has a known health condition, this has been discussed with the new owner.
  6. All information provided by the adopter will be handled as confidential, and will not be disclosed to any third party without the adopter’s consent.