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Adoption feeR 850 INCLUDES Microchipping, Deworming and vaccinations up to date of adoption, Sterilisation, Vet check. All adoptions subject to a home check.

Can’t adopt? Dogs also need FOSTERS and it does not cost a fee to foster. You look after them temporarily until a forever home is found. Or why not SPONSOR a pet while it waits for a home? 

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CODYURGENT Foster care in Bellville 

SUPER DUPER special boy. Cody is a very friendly, even-tempered Jack Russell-Staffie mix with a GREAT personality.  He gets on with all people, even babies and toddlers, and likes other dogs too. His fosters have trained him in basic obedience (including house training). He would love a female dog friend who can match him in strength and energy as he’s super playful.  APPLY

Watch CODY in action: Cody video

Sex: Male – Size: Medium (+- 30kg) – Breed: Jack Russell-Staffie – Description: White short coat with a pirate patch on his left eye; stocky build – Born: 2017 – Energy: Medium-High – Other dogs: Female – Children: Yes – Cats: No – LOCATION: Durbanville


A  little lad with a big heart! Snoopy is a joyful, cheery, friendly guy who just wants to be everyone’s friend. He’s small-medium size and so eager to please. Learnt house training in a matter of days and loves walks. He gets on with most dogs and loves children. APPLY

Sex: Male – Size: Small-medium (15kg, below knee height) – Breed: Fox terrier mix – Description: Black smooth coat with white blaze & front paws – Born: end-2019/early-2020 – Energy: Medium-High – Other dogs: Yes – Children: Yes – Cats: No – LOCATION: Durbanville

Kindly sponsored by Marinda de Waal. 

This is a friendly girl who thrives on attention. She has an affectionate nature but is independent too. She is alert and an excellent watchdog. 

Madame is low-maintenance, with a short, easy-to-care-for coat, and isn’t very big (+- 17kg). Ideal as an only dog for an older family/person. APPLY

Sex: Female – Size: Small-Medium (+- 17 – 18kg) – Breed: Fisantekraal Special – Description: Cream short coat, upright ears, slender build – Born: +- 2012 – Energy: Medium – Other dogs: Only her son, Dusty (see below) – Children: Over 12s – Cats: No – LOCATION: Melkbos (Fallen Angels)

Kindly sponsored by Cornel van der Westhuizen and friend

Super-confident, strong-willed, intelligent dog! Tag would like an active home as an only dog. He is quite a show-off and would benefit from training. He is a strong, energetic boy and loves to go walkabout so experienced owner is needed.


WATCH VIDEO: Jimmy & Tag

Sex: Male – Size: Medium – Breed: Husky mix – Description: Gold & black short coat, strong black facial markings, floppy ears, strong build – Born: 2014 – Energy: Medium – Other dogs: Yes – Children: Yes – Cats: No – LOCATION: Melkbos (Fallen Angels)

Kindly sponsored by Cornel van der Westhuizen and friend

Dusty is a friendly guy and likes people. He’d love a home where he can do his thing (pottering around the garden, sniffing mole hills, etc.) and get treats and attention when you’re around. Loves biscuits! He doesn’t mind being at home while you’re off at work. He loves his mother, Madame, and it would be great if they can go together but he’ll be fine on his own too if you give him plenty to do.

Needs a calm home and basic training but will respond very well as he is eager to please. APPLY

Sex: Male – Size: Medium (+- 18 – 20kg) – Description:Black short fur with cream markings, a long nose, and a short tail. – Breed: Mixed – Born: 2013 – Energy: Medium – Other dogs: Only Madame or be an only dog – Children: Over 12s – Cats: No – LOCATION: Melkbos (Fallen Angels)