All the contacts and info you need on fireworks night

With so many posts telling you who to call when animals run off due to fireworks/thunder, we decided to collect them and put them in ONE place – much easier.

SPCA: Any instances of animal cruelty/emergencies should be reported to us on 021 700 4158/59 or 083 326 1604.

Animal Welfare Society Phillipi: 082 601 1761 / 021 692 2626



  • Tygerberg Animal Hospital Bellville – 1 Kontiki Avenue, Glen Ive, near Stodels –  021 919 1191
  • Panorama Veterinary Clinic – 1 Uys Krige Drive, Panorama –  021 930-6632
  • Cape Animal Medical Centre – 78 Rosmead Avenue, Kenilworth –  021 674 0034
  • Belmont Road Veterinary Clinic – 16 Belmont Road, Rondebosch – 021 685 7750

LAW ENFORCEMENT: 021 596 1999

If you have any information relating to the illegal sale or use of fireworks please report the information to the Metro Police call centre on 0860-POLICE (765 423) or to the SAPS on 10111



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Please, please get your pets inside ASAP! If you’re at work, do it the minute you get home. DO NOT leave them in the yard. Don’t think they’ll be ok. It can happen to you – don’t let it.

If your pet doesn’t have a collar and tag, sort this out now. Even if you have to get one of those plastic ‘key ring’ jobbies. Make sure cats have a proper cat collar that won’t strangle them if they flee for safety into a tree.

Put a leash in your car in case you need to catch a scared dog but remember, scared animals may bite; don’t put yourself in danger. Have a camera/phone with camera on hand to take a picture and post it to Facebook if you see or find a stray. And prepare a spot in your garage or bathroom for a stray in need.

thunder-vestMake a ‘thunder vest’ for scared animals – but get them used to it now in a calm, happy environment so they know to associate it with good things.



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