FAW April – June 2020

It’s been a strange year so far and, having to shut down completely for almost a month derailed some of our plans…temporarily. But, as soon as we could, we got to work again.
STERILISATIONS: Due to a couple of sterithons, we were able to increase our sterilisations – YAY! – every animal sterilised makes a huge difference. People who sterilise their dogs & cats are making the best choice.
VACCINATIONS: We’ve also been working on reducing cases of canine parvovirus and distemper by continuing with our vaccination programme. (If you happened to catch Carte Blanche’s episode on Sunday, you will know why parvo vaccs are so important!)
FOOD: As you may know, we have a subsidised food programme where we buy in food and mix it with some of the food donations so that people can have good, nutritious food for their pets. Donated food is also used in feeding programmes and the high-quality food in particular is used for malnourished animals (of which there has been an increase), or to help recovering animals in the clinic.
Lately, due to the lockdown, we have been giving away a lot more than usual to people who simply cannot afford so much as a pellet, just to ensure that their animals do not starve.
This is why ALL your food donations are greatly needed and appreciated!
Our second-hand shop in Fisantekraal has been shut (& remains so for the foreseeable future). This usually covers most of our vet bills so now, more than ever we are extremely grateful for any donations.
Your donations, volunteering, and support have already made a big difference for the animals of Fisantekraal, Klipheuwel, Greenville, and surrounds! THANK YOU.
For any enquiries about working with or helping FAW, please contact us on 062 258 3547 or info@faw.za.org.
All donations are very gratefully received and, as you can see, they are very much needed!
Nedbank Cheque Account
Account Name: Fisantekraal Animal Welfare
Account number: 1039 094 171
Branch code: 10 39 10 (Tygervalley)

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