Protect your dog from theft

Dog theft is not a myth. Please, please, please keep your dogs safe.

  • If that means not leaving them in the front yard, or separating your back & front yards, or taking your dog to doggy daycare when you’re out so it can’t be seen from the street, DO IT.
  • Microchip your dogs – collars can be removed (although they should have those too).
  • Be very careful if anyone seems to pay too much attention to your dog near your home or when you’re out walking it, especially if its a Pitbull, Husky (or other ‘wolf’-type), Staffie, German Shepherd, Bullterrier, or anything very unusual or beautiful (especially with light eyes, interesting markings, etc). Don’t let them see where you live.
  • Make sure you have up-to-date, good quality photos of your dog.
  • Spay & neuter – unneutered male dogs in the above breeds are a very popular theft choice (easy to see they still have their tescticles).

We hope this saves some doggits from being stolen.
BTW: purebred cats like Siamese, Persians, etc. are also sometimes targets of theft.

PS: Please DO NOT BUY animals from people selling them at the side of the road! It’s tempting to try & save the animal, but it only encourages them. They rely on animal lovers’ soft hearts – they know people will give them money to get the animal away from them. Chances are, most of their sales are from people trying to help the animal. Call the police & SPCA yourself IMMEDIATELY. Rather don’t just post a sentence on Facebook – by the time someone sees it, it may be too late.

Even if it is their dog/cat/puppy/kitten, buying the animal creates a market (why spay your dog if you can sell her puppies?) – and it is illegal to sell animals at the side of the road.

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