Caspar and Tazzie


Caspar and Tazzie were a pair of elderly Jack Russells who were handed to two Fisantekraal residents whom their previous owner saw when they were hitch-hiking home. The men initially said no – they did not have the finances to look after the two dogs but, eventually, they agreed to take the dogs. And the next day, they were at our containers in Fisantekraal with the dogs – they wanted us to find them a good home. A round of applause to them! 

We had no idea what to do, though, as we could see that they were old dogs – we didn’t want them to go to the shelter as that is highly traumatic for elderly dogs, and so a flurry of phoning around took place. Our prayers for a foster home were answered when our superduper foster mom, Pier, stepped forward. She worked wonders with these initially very frightened, depressed dogs.
As the months went by, with no one interested, our hearts broke for them over and over – to be in this situation at this time of life, after a decade of loyalty is terrible.

Finally an email dropped into our inbox from a lovely lady named Elizna, all the way in Worcester. She drove down to meet them and they hit it off! The Jackies made a beeline for her straight away – clearly they knew she was The One.

The date for their collection was set for a week later. Then, disaster struck! Pier found a little lump on Tazzie’s side. Off to the vet, where we discovered to our horror that it was a type of cancer…plus she had 2 teeth needing removal. We were so worried when she went in for surgery. But the awesome staff at Durbanville Animal Hospital took excellent good care of her (as always), and Dr Mendelsohn even very kindly offered to do a scan on her after the lump was removed to make sure there was nothing else to worry about. All clear – yay!

Last night, the two sweethearts went to their forever home. Waiting in the car when their new ‘parents’ arrived at the foster home were brand new baskets, collars, leads – the works.

We cannot thank you enough for opening your home and taking a chance on love with not one, but two senior pooches. 

We wish you all every happiness in the world; you deserve it. And a BIG thank you to foster mom, without whom we don’t know what we’d have done.

This was our original post about the dogs. When the men who were given the dogs told us what had happened, we could see that they were telling the truth – and we immediately suspected (given the area) that the guy had probably tried at Uitsig Animal Rescue Centre near Fisantekraal (has since closed) and, on his way back, seen the two men walking and taken a chance. When we spoke with the rescue centre staff and described the dogs, they immediately remembered them – and told us that he had been there the previous day, they’d taken his number and name and were making a plan for the dogs.

How did we know for sure that the story was true, and find out their ages and names? We had 2 people contact us who know the individual in question well, and recognised the dogs. They preferred to remain anonymous, understandably…

Dear Robert,

What were you thinking?

What on earth were you thinking when you dumped your two elderly Jack Russels on some random passersby?
Did you think what you did was justified because the welfare couldn’t help you immediately? Even though they told you they were full and to give them a week to find a space? They were working on helping you. You could have tried other welfares. But you couldn’t wait.

We understand that things happen, people fall on hard times, and it’s awful.
But there’s a right way and a wrong way to do things and you, Robert, did not do things the right way.
On your way back you saw two men beside the road. They were trying to hitch a lift back to Fisantekraal but, instead of giving them a lift, you gave them your two dogs even though they told you they couldn’t afford them.

What were you thinking?!

Do you know that, in the township, little unwanted dogs often get used as bait for fight training? Or for breeding? Or that many dogs are chained in a back yards, sleep in the rain, and eat dreadful food, if any? Or that mange, flea and tick infestations, diseases, car accidents and dog attacks are everyday occurrences? We have to assume you don’t know these things, because surely you wouldn’t have done what you did if you did know.

What were you thinking when you left those men and your two dogs in a cloud of dust, the kennel in the back of your silver-blue 4×4 the only reminder of these faithful little dogs that had been part of your family’s lives for a decade?

Luckily for you – or rather for your dogs – those men have hearts and did the right thing. They took them back to one of their homes (a wendy house in a back yard) and kept them inside last night.
Luckily they had the human decency to bring the dogs to us this morning because they knew they couldn’t afford them.
Luckily we were able to find a kind-hearted person to take them in for now. From there, who knows.

Do you think of them today? Do you know how bewildered they are? The old boy whimpers because he doesn’t know what’s going on. The girl just looks so sad.
She is 10 years old; he is 9 years old.

Do you have any idea how hard it is on an old dog to suddenly have all this happen?
Do you have a clue how hard it is for us to find homes for young dogs, let alone oldies like this?
You made your ‘problem’ ours and we will do everything we can to find them good homes. Which is more than you did.

We don’t know what you were thinking but we’d LOVE to tell you what WE think!

People who care

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