Dog tied up near Fisantekraal

We have had multiple enquiries about this dog from caring people driving past Fisantekraal. Here, we put the record straight on his situation – it’s not what you think! 

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We’ve had several enquiries about him because people driving past spot him tied up and are concerned about him. We thank you for your care for dogs in need and your support of FAW. 

We’d like to put your fears to rest. His owner cares about him a great deal and is looking after him well.

Please take the time to read this post and share so that others know he is okay.

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1. He’s . When ‘off duty’, he is loose. He has a kennel and shelter, and even a young dog friend. As soon as lockdown is over, we will get photo of him at home so you can see him off his chain.

2. He’s . He’s not even a purebred Rottweiler as some have said; he is a mixed breed born in Fisantekraal.

3. He’s . (As you can see from the picture, Waylon is not showing any signs of fear of the owner – he’s relaxed and comfortable in his company.)

4. He is most definitely – he gets fed good-quality food twice a day. (Our volunteer offered a bag of food which the owner declined as he has a big bag for Waylon.)

5. Waylon ; he has a bucket of clean water when he is ‘at work’ and he gets moved around so he isn’t just sitting in the same place all the time.
His owner buys expensive flea & tick treatment for him and his dog friend, which is a puppy that receives all his puppy vaccs, as did Waylon.

His owner is a mechanic. Waylon protects his owner and the property from theft, which the owner has experienced several times.

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1. Waylon bites! People visit the mechanic and he cannot be allowed to just bite them (he actually had a go at our volunteer when she popped in to take this photo). Dogs that bite people in Fisantekraal are often at the receiving end of abuse so this also protects Waylon.
2. His owner does not want Waylon to go onto the road where he could get hit by a car or hurt by passersby.

Again, we emphasise that he is NOT always tied up!

We understand tethering is an emotive issue – we also find it hard to see and, in an ideal world, no dog would ever be tied. But we must be pragmatic and make the best of situations. In some cases, this means a runner; in others (like Waylon), it means situations where the dog is tied sometimes but not always. (BTW Waylon had a runner but it was stolen when he went home for the night.)

Our volunteer left a length of cable and runner-making items for Waylon but, as he still needs a comfortable, strong collar, it isn’t yet possible to implement this. The owner will get a nice, strong collar.
We are hoping to have Waylon neutered once things go back to normal.

So, in conclusion: – , . ’ //, – they need to focus on cases of real abuse, which this is not.

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There are hundreds of dogs in Fisantekraal, Greenville, Klipheuwel, Morning Star, etc. that are on chains. Many people assume it is because the owners are cruel or uncaring but, although there are some people (in ANY area of the world) that don’t treat their dogs well, the general reason is to keep the dog safe so it cannot go on the road, get in fights with roaming dogs, be stolen, or be hurt by people in the street.

The best option in many cases is a runner (running line) which costs around R100 – R150 and takes some time to install. We have only a small handful of volunteers so this takes time. When lockdown is over, we would love to welcome some new people to help us with things like this.  If you would like to donate towards runners or donate strong collars, we would be extremely grateful (details below).

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