Don’t catch wild snakes!

On Saturday, we were greeted with a bit of a surprise. Our clinic volunteers were approached by some Fisantekraal residents who wanted to sell these three snakes which they had found that morning in the bush and put in a bowl. And yes, that is a Cape Cobra…
We advised the gentlemen that it is illegal, dangerous, and we do not buy animals, and they sensibly consented to handing them over.
VERY ‘ who quickly came out, checked the little critters over, then safely relocated them back in the wild, far away from humans, where they belong. We are so grateful for your expert assistance! <3
Now, for the ‘lecture’:
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It goes against everything we stand for. We are happy to help but we will not be part of the pet trade, especially not the illegal wild animal trade.
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We don’t know if these men knew that one of the snakes they were picking up was a Cape Cobra but juveniles are just as dangerous as adults so they’re lucky they weren’t bitten. These ones were probably sluggish from the morning cold. They were plenty lively by the time they got to us…
2. , , . It is also cruel to kidnap wild animals and keep them in captivity.
3. No matter how a snake seems, NEVER assume it’s safe to handle it, not even if it looks dead.
4. to relocate snakes if needed. The have many contacts to help. They also offer snake-handling courses. ASI also has a free app you can download to help identify snakes.
With spring on its way, there will be more snakes coming out into the sun. Be prepared.
5. ‘ . They perform a valuable service in getting rid of vermin PLUS you could get bitten. Most snakes are scared of humans – leave them alone and they’ll usually slither away quickly.
We are very glad there are people like Kobus around who are there to help in cases like this. 🙂

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