Dora aka BP


Dora – originally named BP, as she was found by the BP Cycling Group, was found abandoned alongside the road on Sunday 27 October 2019 by a group of cyclists which have long supported FAW. She was in appalling condition – riddled with mange, worm-infested, emaciated, ice cold and very, very sad.

They brought her to the FAW Clinic in Greenville where we treated her for the mange and other parasites. She was whisked away into foster care where she received intensive treatment and loads of love.

Less than 2 months after her rescue, Dora was ready for her forever home…and it wasn’t long before this cutey found a fabulous one. Thank you so much to her rescuers who took the time to pick her up and covered all her vet bills, and to her adopters for giving her the home of her dreams. 

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