Drenkeling and his owner live in Fisantekraal. His owner absolutely adores cats and is always rescuing some poor stray she stumbles across, even though she hasn’t got two cents to rub together – she just cannot stand to see them suffer. Several years ago, she found Drenkeling as a tiny kitten, in a toilet, drowning – Drenkeling, in Afrikaans, means ‘drowner’. Horrified, she scooped him out, wrapped him in her shirt, whisked him to safety, cleaned him up, and nursed him back to health. He has been with her ever since. She brought him to us for his shots and had him sterilised when he was old enough.

However, like many cats with white fur (and pink ears and nose), the South African sun had done its work and he had unfortunately developed skin cancer on his ears. She approached FAW and one of our amazing vets amputated them. Drenkeling is now cancer free! 

It is cats like Drenkeling and their loving owners that are helped by your donations. We thank you for your support. You can help change their world. Visit our Get Involved pages for more info.

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