FAW AGM held on 18 May 2021 (Chairperson’s report and stats)

On Tuesday 18 May 2021, FAW held it’s Annual General Meeting to discuss the 2020 year. Please read our chairperson’s report below. Should you have any queries regarding our annual financial or narrative reports, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@faw.za.org. Thank you to each of you for your support throughout 2020!  

FAW in 2020


First, I would like to thank every volunteer who work endless hours to keep FAW afloat. Our volunteers come and go but we are a champion team who stick together and support one another. Without volunteers, FAW will not be able to exist.

Secondly, I want to thank the public who supports us especially through difficult times like the past year. Every time we put a plea out for help, be it food, blankets or kennels, the regular sponsors answer our call.

2020 has been an interesting and challenging year for all but especially anyone involved with a NPO. We saw many animal owners going through the day-to-day struggle to scrape money together for food for the family and their animals. We were extremely fortunate that we received quite a lot of food donations during the hard lockdown. Although our food shop was closed for quite some time, we managed to get food to those that needed it. Later, during lockdown, Carol opened the shop on a Saturday and towards the end of the year it was business as usual on a Saturday and Tuesday.

Our charity shop was also not open for the usual sales but Nonnie made a plan by selling the clothing on a whatsapp group which brought in some much-needed funds. As the lockdown regulations eased, she was able to open the shop at the containers during the regular times but only allowing 5 people in at a time. This is mostly how she is still running it.

Yolandi and her adoption team did an excellent job of rehoming 72 animals and reducing our animals at Fallen Angels to only 3. A very well done! They also managed to find space at Fallen Angels for all the Uitsig animals when Uitsig Animal Rescue Centre closed.

Jenni and her social media volunteers are doing a brilliant job especially as most of them have a day job. They have managed to put FAW on almost all the social media platforms, including LinkedIn. Thank you very much for all your dedicated work through which most of our animals get re-homed or placed in a foster home.

Volunteers working in Fisantekraal managed to work throughout hard lockdown, managing the clinic on an emergency basis only. The 3 CCS vets did a brilliant job once again by treating
1 073 animals, (this excludes follow-up visits and minor flea and tick treatments), vaccinating
1 452 animals, and sterilising 557 animals. Cases that could not be treated at the clinic, were taken to Tygerberg Animal Hospital for treatment and we are incredibly grateful to them for their ongoing support.

We once again managed to successfully apply for a Grant in Aid from COCT. These funds enabled us to buy much needed equipment and medicines for the ongoing sterilising project.
Dr Maryke Thomas and her team also helped boosting the sterilising numbers by doing 2 spaydays for us. One in Morningstar in July and a second one in November in the clinic in Fisantekraal.

As we look to the future, we want to help even more animals who are sick and injured or are suffering through cruelty. Another aspect that needs urgent attention, is educating the youth in the areas where we reach out. We will target schools especially the primary schools in Fisantekraal. If you can teach them from young how to be a good animal guardian, hopefully they will be an example to many other kids looking up to them. Like our motto says: “Helping people to help animals”.

Once again, I want to thank the FAW-committee and each volunteer for what you do. Keep doing what you do because you are making a big difference!

I thank you.

Belinda van Tonder
FAW Chairperson

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