Why a community vet clinic?

This is one of our old vans – a well-known sight to the animals (these 3 know us well and are very well aware that there are treats to be had!) and people whom we help.
Our vans and volunteers work very hard and spend lots of time on the road.

From 1 January Р15 February, our 2 old vans clocked up 1400km between PLUS our volunteers often use their own vehicles too (and their own petrol btw).

The majority of this is done taking animals to the vet and back for sterilisations and for treating sickness and injuries.

Since Dr Alex joined us, we’ve reduced this because he has been doing more treatments on site. But just imagine if we didn’t have to drive up and down and all around for most of these cases.

Imagine we could do most of those things in Fisantekraal…

This is what it looks like at our containers – on a QUIET day!

At the back you see the ladies at our shop, on the right is the tail end of the vaccinations queue, on the left a lady sits on an upturned crate by the newly-delivered kennels while she waits to have her dog bathed, and, behind the vaccination queue is another queue for the food container.

Just this Saturday alone (18 Feb), we did 38 vaccinations, dipped over 40 dogs, sold over 250kg of subsidised food and treated several injured animals.

And that is in this small space – what you see is basically what it is. It gets pretty crowded and, unfortunately, can cause fights to break out – with both dogs and people due to mixed-up queues.

This is our vet Dr Alex helping a dog with a growth on his back.

While our treatment room provides a place for this kind of thing, it’s very cramped (as you can see) and doesn’t have much in the way of surgery options.

To find out how to help, please email info@faw.za.org, message us here, or call 062 258 3547
Banking details (ANY amount helps) Nedbank Fisantekraal Animal Welfare Cheque account Acc no: 1039094171 Branch no: 10 39 10 (Tygervalley) Reference: CVC

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