The work begins! 19 Feb 17

On 19 February, with help and support from several incredible people and businesses, work began!

A roof was built across from the old section to the new container, which will form a sheltered area for people to wait. The new container will be used for food sales as it’s too crowded inside where the food is currently distributed, and that container is going to become the surgery.

With huge thanks to the amazing team of 10 who worked their fingers to the bone all day in the blazing heat to accomplish this! An ENORMOUS thank you to ‘nfinite’ – product development and ingredient supply company specializing in the food industry – who donated this shipping container, without which we couldn’t proceed, and to Lydia of Power Rig for organising delive

To find out how you can help, be it with volunteering, funding, or whatever you can think of, please email or call 062 258 3547

Banking details (ANY amount, big or small, helps) Nedbank Fisantekraal Animal Welfare Cheque account Acc no: 1039094171 Branch no: 10 39 10 (Tygervalley) Reference: CVC

It took quite some time for Jason, whose full-time job is Tygerberg Animal Hospital to angle-grind his way through from our old treatment room to the old food container aka new surgery – we didn’t realise it was stainless steel-lined!

Lots to be moved and sorted here! This will become the surgery – can’t wait.




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