FAW January – March 2020

It’s been a busy year so far and we’re sad that we had to stop in our tracks temporarily. But we’d love to share the numbers with you so you can see that your donations, volunteering, and support have already made a big difference for the animals of Fisantekraal, Klipheuwel, Greenville, and surrounds! 


We’re planning several sterithons for after lockdown so we can’t wait to multiply that number!  Every sterilisation is truly life changing, not just for that animal but for future generations that won’t be born to suffer.

As always, dog bites, MVAs (motor vehicle accidents), mange, and tick-borne illness top the list for treatments. We also saw quite a lot of canine parvovirus earlier this year.

Of the vaccinations, 52 were to prevent rabies! 

For any enquiries about working with or helping FAW, please contact us on 062 258 3547 or info@faw.za.org.

All donations are very gratefully received and, as you can see, they are very much needed!
Nedbank Cheque Account
Account Name: Fisantekraal Animal Welfare
Account number: 1039 094 171
Branch code: 10 39 10 (Tygervalley)

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