Rags to riches: Truffle

We were alerted to a neglected and unwanted dog in Morning Star by someone in the neighbourhood who said that the owners didn’t want her and that they don’t look after their animals.

One of our volunteers headed in to check out the situation (we usually try to speak with the owners, see what the problem is – sometimes it’s something easily rectified), and, if the animal is definitely unwanted, ask them to hang on for a week to give us time to network.

But, when she got there, our volunteer was so disgusted by the place, the owners, and the poor dog’s condition, that she refused to leave without this sweet little angel named Sussie! She’d shambled out of the house, head down, so afraid, and was emaciated and half-bald from severe flea infestation.

The infestation was so bad and clearly of such long-standing that her eyes had even become irritated and had pus around them – from no other reason than constant irritation.

She has the most lovely nature – gentle, loving, and, although hesitant to trust, she loves having her face gently stroked and being spoken to. Probably the 1st attention she’d ever had.

Truffle-11Apr16-7ccThe terribly neglected dog was immediately loaded up and whisked off to the vet (the owner refused to even touch her – our volunteer carried her to the van). The awesome Dr Izak vd Vyfer (TAH Plein Street) treated her so gently and kindly.

A skin scrape revealed that – as suspected – she had no mange – her skin condition and eyes are purely due to inflammation and secondary infection caused by fleas. She weighed just 11kg – she should weigh over 15kg, according to the vet. She is 5 years old.

Truffle-11Apr16-6ccShe was treated with cortisone and Bravecto (so she’s 100% flea free now!) and then went to Fisantekraal with our volunteer, where she was bathed, vaccinated and dewormed, while our volunteers hunted for a foster…
Alas, no one was found, and TAH Bellville was unfortunately packed with strays and unable to take her for a couple of days, so, off she went to the kind ladies at the Uitsig ARC.

We continued hunting for a foster, but we got one better: a forever home! 🙂

And she got her happily ever after…

Truffle collage

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