As many of you may know, we started a shop in 2012 at our premises in Fisantekraal. This shop runs entirely on donated household items and clothes, mainly 2nd-hand, and sells to the residents of Fisantekraal.

We are eternally grateful to every one of you who have donated items for our shop; many of you do so on an ongoing basis and even collect from friends and family for us. THANK YOU! You really are angels.

Contact details for shop donations: Sandy – 083 277 3292 / info@faw.za.org

When we started the shop, we have no idea it would be so succesful…in more ways than one! The main aim, of course, was to raise funds – and our shop ladies, Sandy and Greta and helpers, do an amazing job of this. And we have to say: it is NOT an easy job. Every single item is sold one at a time – essentially auctioned off. Browsing unfortunately doesn’t work.

Their hard work pays off: the income from the shop covers at least half our vet bills every month (we can’t publish how much it brings in as this puts our volunteers at risk of theft). That is pretty impressive for stuff people no longer need!

The second reason we wanted a shop which sold all sorts of things at affordable prices is to provide items to the residents of the township which they could not otherwise afford. We sell clothes, household goods, soft furnishings, toys, shoes, even furniture! And it is so needed.

But it’s more than that: some of these ladies sell the items on, bringing in a little extra income for their families. So, not only do the items you donate raise funds to help the animals, they go on to help people and their families too!
And as an extra ‘bonus’, many of these ladies see their trip to our shop as a highlight; without much to do in Fisantekraal, this is an opportunity to come out and have a bit of fun.

You see? Every bit really does make a difference. <3


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