Sweetheart’s tale has a happy ending

In April 2015, we shared the tale of a little dog we named Sweetheart and her son, Scout, who were handed to us in an atrocious condition. These two were the most loveable, affectionate pair; Sweetheart’s big, dark, soulful eyes captured everyone’s hearts.

Daisy&TiggySoon after, both dogs were adopted – Sweetheart by one of our volunteers, shop manager, Anita. She even got a brand new name: Daisy! She had a doggy friend, another Fisantekraal adoptee named Tiggy (previously Toekie), with whom she gets on like a house on fire!

She improved in leaps and bounds and was such an incredibly loving soul. She bore no ill will towards anyone for her past.

Tiggy&Daisy&AnitaAnd then their new mom had to return to her land of birth: Wales! Of course, there was NO second thought: the Fisantekraal two were going with. On 19 February 2016, Daisy and Tiggy landed in England in a frosty 4°C (a far cry from the 38°C they’d just left). Unperturbed, the dogs are relaxed and happy – and ready for their new lives on the other side of the pond!

Mum Anita says: “They think they have gone to Doggie Heaven as they have fields and woods to run in and have discovered grass and MUD!!

They complete their journey when they travel to their final destination in Wales in a few days and they are looking forward to more fields and visiting the local pub. It is a long way from Fisantekraal – such lucky dogs!’

They are indeed! If not for FAW, both would surely have died or lived horrible lives. Thank you to all those who support us, enabling us to help animals like Toekie and Sweetheart – or, rather, Tiggy and Daisy!

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