Bibi’s Christmas Miracle

Bibi1On 8 December 2015, one of our volunteers was called by some children in Fisantekraal: they had seen an elderly Boerboel being dumped in the streets near the police station (which is near our premises) the previous day (7 December). Our volunteer took the old girl to the vet while we tried to track down her owners (not wanting to jump to the conclusion that it was the owner who had dumped her).

We didn’t know what to do – she was clearly pretty old; she walked stiffly and her eyes seemed a bit milky. Her hanging teats and droopy ‘bits’ showed that she was probably used for breedingmany, many pups had been birthed by this old girl. She had badly ingrown dewclaws which had become infected.

And now, thrown out like a sack of old potatoes in a township. And it was coming up for Christmas…

Our awesome supporters rallied around, with some very generously donating towards her care (thank you Mia Brummer and Lizma van Zyl!) and many sharing her plight. But what to do with her?! We couldn’t send such a sensitive, depressed old dog to a rescue centre. We were desperate for a foster – not an easy thing to find at that time of year for such an old dog…

Then a wonderful couple – Hilda and Johan – stepped forward. They drove all the way from Gordon’s Bay to fetch a sad, bewildered-looking Bibi (as we had named her – meaning Lady). They took her home and gave her the space and love to recover from her ordeal. Not long after Bibi spent her first Christmas in a home filled with love.

Bibi's 1st Christmas in a TRULY loving home!

 Today, she’s living comfortably with them and all their other rescue animals and is perky and doing well.

She gets joint powder every day for her arthritis, and her health is being monitored; she eats well, plays with the other dogs, and sleeps like a log a lot of the time (which is as it should be for a senior dogizen!) 

Thank you to all who sponsored, supported, shared, and sent positive thoughts her way, and to TAH for caring for her while we tried to find her a place to go. And, especially, thank you to Bibi’s fosters; You are stars.

We’ve never managed to trace the owner. The children who saw her being dumped say it was ‘a white man in a grey/silver big bakkie’. Other than that, we don’t know anything further.

At least we know that Bibi is safe and happy and will never be dumped again.

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