Bruno’s foot saved


On Saturday 08 Aug 2015, after we’d already closed, a sad, sorry boy was brought to us. Fortunately, two volunteers were still doing their rounds and arrived at the


 containers just in time. Bruno had arrived home with blood gushing out of his foot. The neighbour did a sterling job of bandaging it up but all four paws were red with blood because of the sheer volume pouring out. We rushed him to the vet.

Diagnosis: he’d cut his foot on something sharp and sliced open an artery. We were very worried he’d also cut his tendon. The poor dog was so scared and in pain.

He stayed at the TAH Bellville for a week and, on 15 August, Bruno went home! His foot was much better and he was walking well, even putting weight on the leg.¬†We tried to get a picture of the happy reunion but he couldn’t get away from us fast enough, probably thinking that he would go back to the vet if he didn’t make tracks.


We also placed a lovely new kennel for him (thank you, Dog Box Project!) with a warm blanket.

Needless to say, Bruno was VERY happy to be at home – and his owner was very happy to see him.

Thank you so much to Samuel Mdluli, who works at the Fisantekraal Library and also keeps an eye out for the dogs, for helping Bruno.

THANK YOU to all those who donate, foster, volunteer, and support. Without this, dogs like Bruno would not get helped – he would have lost his foot if not for the swift help of his owner’s neighbour and FAW being there to assist. You can help change the world for animals like Bruno. Please visit our Get Involved¬†pages for more info.

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