Casey’s eye


Casey was bitten by another dog and his eye was badly damaged. His owner was very worried about him, and we rushed him to the vet. Sadly, his eye couldn’t be saved and had to be removed – but Casey isn’t bothered at all! A week after his op and he trots around as if he’s always only had 1 eye. 
Dogs are so amazingly adaptable.

As you can see, Casey was very happy to return home (satellite dish and all) – and his owner was so glad his life could be saved. 🙂

THANK YOU to all those who donate funds to help us cover our vet bills. Without this, doggies like Casey would either suffer terribly, or have to be sent to heaven. We are so very grateful to ALL our supporters. You can help change the world for animals like Casey. Visit our Get Involved pages for more info.

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