Wollie and his ‘cherry eye’


Meet Wollie. When we met him one sunny Saturday afternoon, he had a slightly swollen red bump on his eyelid which looked like a cherry eye (a disorder affecting the 3rd eyelid when the gland on the eyelid is detached and protrudes out). Aside from the eye, he was a happy dude, bouncing around full of energy. But the eye still did not look good. 

So, there our volunteers stood in the late afternoon sun, alongside the squatter camp, knowing that the vets were all closed. All they could do was give him moisturising eye ointment to keep the eye from drying out and getting damaged, and make a plan for the week. 

When Wollie was fetched we discovered that, within that week, the small bump had grown so that his whole eye was bulging out and was bright red! It looked AWFUL. Yet, despite said eye looking like a beetroot, Wollie was still totally unperturbed and bounding around joyfully. We felt so sorry for him. He was taken to see the kind vets at Durbanville Animal Hospital where a scan revealed a tumour behind the eye – a rapidly growing one at that. Removing the eye and the tumour behind it was the best solution, and the vets did a fantastic job.

When we took this amiable fellow home a couple of days later, we were amazed at how he bounded out of the van without a care in the world! He did bump into a few things initially but, within a day or two, he was his old self. Animals are so resilient and seem to have no problems adjusting to life with one eye – perhaps because they don’t overthink things the way we humans do.

When we checked on him a month after his surgery – we had to chase him round the van and hold him still to take a photo. He just wanted to wag his whole body and show off for us! Wollie says THANK YOU to DAH for helping him and to all those who support us with donations so that they could make him better.

ou can help change the world for animals like Wollie. Please visit our Get Involved pages for more info.

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