FAW80 Cycle Challenge – the virtual version (life in lockdown)

This past weekend would have been the FAW80 Cycle Challenge but, alas, due to covid-19 lockdown, it had to be postponed. But, instead of relaxing, the riders decided to have a ‘virtual’ challenge at home instead (fab folks that they are). The goal was to do 30 hours in total between them in a relay format – as long as it was 30 hours continuous exercise. Between them, they did 30 hours – all at home during lockdown, observing social distancing. 

They don’t all have stationary cycles at home; those that do not, replaced it with other exercise like treadmill, walking around the house, etc. (For example, Tienie Bester of Durbanville did 21km of running – 222 laps around his house!) 

On 25 – 26 April, the public FAW80 Lockdown Challenge will take place –  YOU are challenged to do just 48 minutes of exercise (any kind) within 48 hours and raise at least R100 per person – funds will go to FAW animal sterilisations.   

The list of this weekend’s stars!

17 April 

  • 08h00 Thinus Geldenhuys and Henning Blaauw
  • 09h00 Sylvia Visser
  • 10h00 Denzyl O’Donoghue
  • 11h00 Sarah-Louise Visagie
  • 12h00 Tienie Bester, Adel Klotz, Christiaan Klotz, Coret Steyn
  • 13h00 Izak Visagie
  • 14h00 Corlia van Heerden (and children)
  • 15h00 Belinda van Tonder
  • 16h00 Pierre Conradie, Neil van Tonder, Robert Kitching 
  • 17h00 Marisu Rocher, Robert Kitching, Neil van Tonder
  • 18h00 Dewald de Goede
  • 19h00 Gerda Diezel
  • 20h00 Willie van Heerden
  • 21h00 Gerda Diezel
  • 22h00 Henning Blaauw
  • 23h00 Pierre Rocher
  • 24h00 Pierre Rocher 

18 April

  • 01h00 – 03h00 (AM) Neil van Tonder
  • 03h00 Belinda van Tonder
  • 04h00 Henning Blaauw
  • 05h00 Thinus Geldenhuys
  • 06h00 Christa Van Noordwyk-De Goede
  • 07h00 Dewald de Goede
  • 08h00 Wium McLachlan
  • 09h00 Karen Bosman
  • 10h00  Tienie Bester, Adel Klotz, Christiaan Klotz, Coret Steyn
  • 11h00 Janet Erasmus
  • 12h00 Izak Visagie
  • 13h00 Sarah Louise Visagie and all of the FAW80-team


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