FAW in 2012


The results are in! We wanted to let you know how many animals have been helped in 2012 thanks to FAW’s volunteers AND, of course, YOU- our loyal supporters.

  • Sterilisations: 475 (mostly dog spays)
  • Sick & injured: 384 (bites, wounds, road accidents, tick fever, etc.)
  • Vaccinations: 1480
  • Bathing & mange treatments: approximately 1500 dogs.

We are so grateful for all your support, be it in the form of physically helping, donating money (as you can see by our vet bills, it’s really needed!), passing on second-hand items to sell, donating food – and any of the other many things you do for us. Thank you.

We are going full steam ahead with sterilisations this year. Of the 96 vaccinations we did in January, 60 were 1st time puppy vaccinations! Because we just didn’t have the capacity to do as many sterilisations as we’d planned, these furbabies, born November/December, are streaming in – a sign that spaying & neutering is crucial. And on that note…

Some of our dedicated, very hard-working volunteers did a sterilisation drive in January resulting in 45 animals that will not be having more babies – hooray! 39 of those animals were sterilised using a private donation and we are eternally grateful for that support. The remaining sterilisations were donated to us by Durbanville Animal Hospital.

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