Sweetie’s leg is saved

On 7 May 2015, one of our volunteers got a desperate call for help from a family on Shiraz Ebrahim street in Fisantekraal: their beloved little dog Sweetie’s leg was ‘hanging’; she had been attacked by other dogs.

This sweet little girl was rushed to the vet where x-rays diagnosed a broken leg. Unfortunately, this break would require pins/plates, which is really expensive.  Despite her pain, she never showed an ounce of aggression. The only option was AACL who help us when we’re desperate for surgery at a price that we can afford (and expert treatment, we might add!). Off she went for the next leg (no pun intended) of her adventure where her leg was pinned into place. And then came another hurdle: she needed cage rest…for 6 weeks.

Sweetie at the vet.

Fortunately, Denay of UARC kindly agreed to take her in at the new farm, despite their serious space shortage. So, off she went to Melkbos…
Weeks went by and her owners often asked when was little Sweetie coming home.

The day finally arrived when Sweetie could return.We arrived at the house and knocked on the door; to make sure we were at the right place we asked: ‘Is this Sweetie’s house?’
Her owner sighed sadly: ‘Yes, but Sweetie isn’t here…’ 😕

DSCF0552ccHer face, when we told her that, actually, Sweetie WAS in the back of the van was priceless. She just lit up! She and the kids dropped everything & rushed to the van. 🙂

Within seconds, an actual line had formed with everyone peeking inside the van saying: ‘Sweetie! Sweetie is home! Hello Sweetie!’ It was so heart-warming to see; our volunteers couldn’t stop grinning – this reception is NOT the norm at all! Sweetie was OVERJOYED to see her people and was ecstatic to be placed into her owner’s arms, where she showered her with licky kisses! ♥

She wriggled with joy and didn’t know who to look at first. The kids were absolutely over the moon!

When we turned around from placing her new kennel, we saw that quietly, in the background, the little girl had been sitting on the steps cuddling her dog and murmuring lovingly to her the whole time we’d been busy with the kennel. Clearly, this is one very loved pooch.

This is why we keep doing what we do.

Thank you to TAH Plein street for x-raying and giving pain medicine to Sweetie, AACL for fixing her up at an affordable price, and UARC for looking after her so well while she recovered.
(A note: despite their low income, Sweetie’s owners did contribute towards her surgery.)

PS: we often need people who can help transport an animal in need of surgery to and from AACL. This is usually fairly short-notice (a couple of days). If you can assist, please let us know so that we can put you on a list of people to call when we’re desperate! info@faw.za.org.

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