Wish List

THANK YOU to each and every sponsor and donor. Please visit our Help Page to find out more ways to help the animals or contact us: CONTACT 

TAKE A PIC! We’d love to share your donations on social media to celebrate your kindness AND inspire others. If you have a donation and would like us to share this, PLEASE take a photo of the donation (donation only or a selfie) and send it to us so that we can post it, along with who to thank. Email info@faw.za.org attention Jenni



  • Pet food, especially dry dog, cat, and puppy food – we go through this at a rate of knots! 
  • Collars, especially medium-sized leather and leads 
  • Treats: hooves, chews, biscuits
  • Kennels, new or 2nd-hand, including concrete ones. Or sponsor a kennel through Purple Kennel Project.    
  • Large dog bowls, pref. the non-tippable kind 
  • Containers that can be used for food and water especially deep, large ones (plastic and metal): Plastic ice cream containers (2l & 5l), buckets, etc. Not too nice or the people use it themselves! 
  • If you’d like to donate blankets, fleece ones are ideal as they’re inexpensive and dry very quickly


  • AIRTIME! 062 258 3547 – Cell C 
  • Petrol donations 
  • Hardware store vouchers (Spiro’s Mica, Builder’s Warehouse, Brights).
  • Stationery: black markers, ballpoints, masking tape, prestik, paperclips
  • Spray bottles (plastic refillable, preferably with a ‘trigger’ handle)
  • Cleaning items – disinfectant floor/tile cleaner, sponges, washing-up brushes
  • Bin bags (black bags)


  •  F10 disinfecting products especially VeterinarySCXD Disinfectant/Cleanser, Germicidal Wound Spray with Insecticide, Germicidal Treatment Spray with Insecticide.

  • Pet clinic stuff, including: Pet laxative (e.g. Laxapet or Animalax); Liquid of paraffin, Protexin probiotic powder, Traumeel tablets, Eye drops and ointment (individual little ‘sachets’ & ISEE Ointment or similar); Supplements (brewer’s yeast, dolomite, dog multivitamins, Mirracote)

  • Cotton wool (rolls, balls, or pads)

  • Human first aid (volunteers get bitten, cut themselves, etc.) – plasters, compression bandages, cotton wool pads/squares

We are eternally grateful for anything you can send our way!